So That Time P.J. Williams Got A Day’s Worth of Coochie

AxDi3KRCMAAAtKqwell nfl baller wolf for the for the new orlean’s saints,
p.j. williams,
has a real busy peen.
i hope it’s protected in while making traction.
so he smashed 3 vixens in one day!
he also got blasted on fameolous over it…

EdUeC1bso wait…
the she hyena got the pipe,
her she hyena friend also got it as well,
and then you walked in on him giving more pipe to someone else
and then gonna blast him to his girlfriend?


is this a self drag?
i tried to sniff this out with the she hyena and the girlfriend but:

p.j. quickly deleted his instagram as well.
this isn’t even a “baller wolf” thing.
i know other straight wolves who smashed multiple vixens in one day.
they all had girlfriends too.
i’m sure it’s worse in our side of the forest.
it can be done tho.
p.j.’s peen ain’t loyal.
that’s all there is too it.
on lighter news:

What an exciting 4th of July weekend P.J. had!

i’m sure his fellow wolves are bowin’ down.


these females will be over it and fuckin’ him by next week.

he kinda sexy too.

lowkey: if pj was a vixen in this story,
she would have been called all kind of “hoes”.
pj is a hoe too.
he should be single if he gonna thot ‘n’ bop.
and how you walk in on him fuckin’ during a pool party tho?
so many questions.

picture credited: fameolous

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “So That Time P.J. Williams Got A Day’s Worth of Coochie

  1. So agree I don’t assign just one gender beiNg a hoe. If you’re hoe you’re a hoe male or female

  2. β€œHe that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at [him].”

    Therfore, I have nuffin to say….perhaps other than to say my 20s were grrrrreat!

  3. SMH. This is the life of an athlete I guess. Three partners in one day long tho? Damn that is a lot.

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