I Guess Black Folks Look Too Much Alike?


i don’t know what’s worse:

trey songz making this thing with khloe kardashian happen
trey songz looking a lot like t.i. in that picture

…the best part?
they haven’t changed the photo YET!
( x see HERE )
nooooooooooooooo respect.
you see what happens tremaine?
you start hanging with a kardashian and they start forgetting about you.

lowkey: they say black folks look alike,
but i find whites look alike to me.
i legit confused these two snow bunnies at work the other day.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “I Guess Black Folks Look Too Much Alike?

  1. Most races are like that. Other races all look similar to them.
    It’s called “other race effect”.

    You put Britney Spears next to Hilary Duff and some non-whites will just see them as two becky’s with blonde hair. The same goes for Beyonce & Ashanti to some non-blacks. Of course we as blacks see the difference between folks of our own races but people of other races could just see them as two caramel brown girls with a 6 bundle Malaysian lacefront. Or put Jeanie Mai next to Brenda Song.

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