Who Knew Von Miller Was Packin’ Like This? (Gadzooks)

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 11.54.24 AMis he trying to tell us he is that big?
i happen to think von miller is a confident and sexy baller wolf.

he isn’t conventionally handsome,
but he has that “something” that may make you hand over your drawz.
well he made the 2016 espn bawdy issue.
a foxholer alerted me to one of his shots he posted to his ig.

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 12.10.06 PM Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 12.10.14 PMtumblr_inline_o9o14jFFTK1tfcl5c_500um…
who knew von has a nice baller wolfy bawdy?
do you see his tail?
the same foxholer hit me up about von on “dancing with the stars”:



the way he picked her up and tossed her around….
i felt that in places i should shouldn’t have.
well okay then von…
“call me”.

pictures credited: instagram | espn

12 thoughts on “Who Knew Von Miller Was Packin’ Like This? (Gadzooks)

  1. PS Ummm did that back shot draw attention away from that tongue? Dont act like you didn’t see that TONGUE! That’s a stone cold exhibitionist freak in the sheets type dude right there!!!! 😋👅
    Nearer my God to thee…🎤🎧

  2. The day I saw this episode on DWTS my DVR cussed me the fuck out cause I wore the REPLAY out!!!!! It brought tears to my eyes that day and just now when I watched it. When he walked off at the end of the dance routine I fainted, no bullshit. My friends and I recently debated the ass tatt; all I can say is….God bless the child that comes home to that!!!! When Shug Avery said “I need a man dammit!!!!”; she was referring to HIM!!!!! #WipeMeDown #TheThirstIsReal

  3. Not “conventionally handsome”? You crazy…daddy is PHYNE….yall gays are so shady….let someone dissect y’alls looks though…LOL

  4. That is a KING!!!! a stallion lol and his brother with the locs was fine…he can get all of me everyday and twice on Sundays lol hallejuler (in my Madea voice* lol

  5. Aaaaaoh ….that is a MAN …he can pick me up and toss me like a fucking pancake any damn day …OMG…..what a hunk of a man

  6. Dat Ass, dat ass…dat ass, Fathah!! He gotz to be givin’ that up SOMETIME!!

  7. wow, Von you all of a sudden became sexy as fuck. All before you was kinda nerd boy cute. lol

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