my skin (care) is always at it’s worst when i’m pining over some toxic job or negro

i’ve noticed when i’m under extreme stress,
my skin takes a humongous turn for the worst.
i end up losing tremendous amounts of weight due to depression and anxiety.
my skin sags,
i break out,
and every line in my face becomes prominent.
i wasn’t born with perfect skin and it’s been an upward battle since my teens.
as of late,
especially during the rona,
i’ve been on my skincare game really heavy.
i wanted to share a “before and after” with the foxhole.
one of my bffs,
sent me a picture of when we went to the rihanna concert back in 2016.
this was during a stressful job and “the work wolf era” when it got bad…
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so i booked maravilla for my special christmas “meat” posting.
he decided to do a little dance for ya to start your day off right…
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Hillary Clinton Packs Up Her Kitten Heels and Ends The ’16 Show

hillary-clinton-election-losshillary clinton,
as you know,
she ran twice and lost against:

a) a charismatic black wolf
b) an alleged rapist and bigot

that has got to be a tough blow.
well she conceded last night and gave her concession speech this morning.
this is what she had to say
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Kim Kardashian Is Burning Up

37f9dffc00000578-3776166-image-m-53_1473175354699this is what a fashion icon wears in 90+ degree weather.
kim kardashian is doing up for “16 new yawk fashion week.
i see why she has won so many awards for her fashion sense.
check what was under that jean jacket via gc images
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Lady Gaga Fall Off Was A “Perfect Illusion”


so lady gaga is back.
she definitely made an interesting “come back”.
at first,
it looked like she fell off hard when it came to music.
“art pop” was an “art flop”.
so she took a break which was a wise choice.
she chilled,
made a jazz duet album with tony bennett,
started acting in “american horror story: hotel”,
and won a golden globe for “best actress in a limited series”.
sometimes you gotta fall all the way back to get humbled.
well lady gaga is back with a new song.
it’s called “perfect illusion”
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The “Harlem’s Fashion Row” Fashion Show


it has been an interesting last couple days.
we have a lot to font about.
so on the “ijf” update list:

the “harlem’s fashion row” fashion show
the call that made me cry
the fox who cried to the fione taken wolf

…are all up on the roster.
let’s start with “the fashion show”.

since it is fashion week in new yawk,
i wanted to attend at least one or two shows.
as of late,
i’ve been on a real “emo/depressed” tip,
but i missed being on the scene during fashion week.
i could have called my old connect to work it,
but i’m tired of dressing and styling models.
i done like 5 or 6 seasons of that.
i wanted to be in attendance.
it’s time jamari fox was a rsvp’d guest at things.
so when pose sent me the invite to “2016 harlem fashion row”,
i knew it would be a great start.
founded by brandice daniel in 2007,
“harlem’s fashion show” highlights emerging multicultural designers.
they give a platform to up and coming talent,
especially in the industry who have no access like the white counterparts.
it’s not like we have many shows for “us” at fashion week.
it was also a harlem production so you know i had to support.

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