Lady Gaga Fall Off Was A “Perfect Illusion”


so lady gaga is back.
she definitely made an interesting “come back”.
at first,
it looked like she fell off hard when it came to music.
“art pop” was an “art flop”.
so she took a break which was a wise choice.
she chilled,
made a jazz duet album with tony bennett,
started acting in “american horror story: hotel”,
and won a golden globe for “best actress in a limited series”.
sometimes you gotta fall all the way back to get humbled.
well lady gaga is back with a new song.
it’s called “perfect illusion”

it sounds real throwback pop “80s”.
i love the chorus and i’m sure it will get stuck in my head sooner or later.
it does sound like it’s missing something tho.
i can’t put my finger on it,
but it seems real rushed.
well it posted yesterday and already has 3 million views.
she will also be in this new season of “american horror story” in october.
i guess it’s safe to say that gaga will be taking over next year?



Do you like “Perfect Illusion”?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Lady Gaga Fall Off Was A “Perfect Illusion””

  1. I’m not really a Gaga fan, but I like this! She sounds great, the lyrics speak to most people who have ever dated someone who turned out to be wack af, and the production feels good. It’s not the robotic, computerized, over-autotuned, trap sound that everyone is doing. It sounds raw. I can hear her performing this live and killing it.

  2. I’ll have to listen to it again to see if I dug it or not but I’m happy she’s retiring to AHS I was happily surprised by her acting last season.

  3. I love that she’s multi-talented, can sing, play piano, can go from doing jazz to pop, techno music. She’s not going nowhere. With a net worth of over 200 mil i knew Gaga didn’t ‘fall-off’ she was just living her life and doing other things… Salute to Gaga i will purchase the album when it drops to show support… I’ve always been a monster/navy/beyhive guy lol

  4. I wanted to love it, but it’s a no for me dawg lol

    It’s repetitive and simple so I’m sure it’ll be a hit to some degree but it’s not a comeback.

    Maybe Gaga should’ve just transitioned into an actress?

  5. I agree with our host” It sounds rushed”….. a b side Pat Benita…H. She’s very talented …this song is forgettable….I’m sure there’s better to come.

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