so, yeah, about my new therapist…

i was about to dip because she was late.
it was 9:10 am and my new therapist wasn’t there.
i was promptly there at 8:58 am for my first therapy assessment.
i’m (fashionably) late,
but a fox was one time for this go around.
at 9:20 am,
she finally arrived and by the time we ended the session

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accountability | november 1st, 2021

i’ve been feeling creatively retarded these last few days.
my mind has been on overdrive with everything i need to do.
i barely sleep because i’m constantly thinking of what’s next.
i’ve been trying to remember what dr. turner taught me.
on days that i have no creative energy,
i take a day(s) to figure things out.
i started my new journey in finding another therapist…

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saying goodbye to 2014 in a big way

so i did it.
you gotta give it to The Universe and know it’ll work it out.
i was trying to work on a entry for the foxhole.
it took FOREVER for the twitter video to load.
bad enough,
it took the other pages hell to load as well.
don’t even start me on how long it takes for porn to load.
that’s a whole nother story.
in my frustrating,
i called apple with the quickness…

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