no one belongs in wonderland more than you, jamari fox

the universe leads you to things you asked for unexpectedly…
so this morning,
the gig didn’t start out too good.

i got up early,
left my spot early,
and headed to my new gig early.
i ended up at the wrong address wayyyy across town

the head huntress sent the wrong address in her email.
i ended up getting there an hour after start time.

i know.
no biggie because they told them it was their folly.

my new gig is on the top floor of a very nice building.
it’s a new industry besides fashion/entertainment.
it’s digital tech pr.
they do consulting for websites to bring better business.
it’s a small office of 13,
who do everything together,
but everyone seems very nice so far.
the vixen who trained me was super cool too.

i’m an office coordinator/assistant/receptionist now

that means i’m gonna be in charge of everything.
i’ll be ordering lunches and making sure everything is clean,
which isn’t the hard part,
but i’ll also be planning events as well.
i’ve never done that before.
i have to be a lot more social in this particular position.
i’m honestly very laid back in person so this will be interesting.
every month,
i have to plan an outing for the office/clients.
outside or in.
no budget.
i will have a lot of creative output.
so restaurants,
it will force me to come out of my comfort zone.
that should help in many ways.

i’m also the only black person in the office.
i can admit that’s the part that intimidates me.
i definitely stand out,
which means i’ll have to work twice as hard to prove myself.
i accept the challenge tho.
they make you stronger and allow you to conquer.
it looks good on your resume too.

other than that,
i really liked it.
it felt like i landed in a sort of wonderland.
i’ve never had this much freedom before,
which makes it feel too good to be true.
there’s much more freedom that i never had at other jobs.
bad enough,
i’m in a heavy shopping area so my wallet is already sobbing.
the office is beautiful and spacious.
i can pretty much order any food/snacks i want.i hope i do well foxhole.
this is definitely the type of job i was looking for.
i wanr to learn as much as i can to apply to my future goals.
wish me luck.

19 thoughts on “no one belongs in wonderland more than you, jamari fox

  1. Who needs luck when prayers are answered?

    You can put them on to some good eats. You know, the swanky restaurants you’d love to be wined and dined at…… 🙂

    You’ll be amazing. Know that. Believe it. If you make a mistake, be honest, upfront and have an ‘You can fire me, I let you done’ apology. They won’t because they know you’re still learning and you’ve been a breath of diverse air. Don’t get comfortable. Be professional, but genuine. If someone has a headache, run and pick up some Tylenol and slip it to them. Anticipate what might be needed before it’s asked. Pretend you’re working for Diddy or Miranda Priestly. And document EVERYTHING. Learn allergies, dislikes, favorites, etc

    Make Head Huntress PROUD!!

  2. Yup time to focus your creative talents in some new ways. It’ll force you to think outside of your normal box. You’ve always said that you wanted to do something that lets you use your creativity. Not what you were expecting, but it’s a new opportunity. And you may pick up some ways to take the foxhole to the next level. Perhaps you’re at this new job for a reason???

  3. Well, I’m happy to see that you had a good first day and I’m sending positive energy your way Jamari, you got this bro. I’m so happy for you.

  4. Jamari I ask this all the time! ”where are the black ppl at these creatives”? These employers won’t hire us and we end up working independently but thats ok, because we call our own rules and make money in our sleep. I live in front of an SEO office and not one black ppl in sight! Their used to be a multicultural agency called Global Hue that was largely popular for gaining allot of accounts especially for Chrysler making ads and commercials. You may be the minority and something tells me if you get in good at this place , you may run it next tho.

    1. ^that is such a good question my.
      it’s really weird we don’t get hired.
      i was shocked there were no blacks in this job,
      but i shouldn’t be surprised.

  5. That’s a win and do your best because being the minority and a smaller company has its advantageous for you to shine and create internal and external network…..Key is to have an ally there but don’t share too much but just enough

      1. Congrats man! Every job I’ve ever held I’ve been the only black person in that environment. Just be you. I always thought of it as a trendsetter for other brother/sister. Just be you. You’ll be okay..

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