well janet ended up getting her retribution in 3s, didn’t she?

one thing i respect about janet,
and even the late michael,
is she is very resilient.
when faced with adversity,
they kept their heads held high.
i can relate.
the following story really disturbed me.
it shows how evil in someone else can be defeated.
karma has really been taking folks down quick these days.
so reports are starting to circulate about why janet was blacklisted.
it was all allegedly because of les moonves,
the former cbs ceo who stepped down due to multiple alleged sexual harassment.
this is what “wgno” had to report…

The former CBS CEO reportedly worked to destroy Janet Jackson’s career after her infamous wardrobe malfunction during the NFL’s biggest game.

Multiple sources say Moonves worked to get Jackson banned from MTV, VH1, CBS and all Viacom-owned properties.

The ban on Jackson’s music at MTV and VH1 affected sales for her 2004 album “Damita Jo”.

The FCC fined CBS and MTV $550,000.

Quietly, Moonves has allegedly claimed that Jackson never apologized. She maintains that it was an accident. Moonves has reportedly remained angry with her for the incident and lack of an apology.

Jackson was also banned from performing at the Grammys later that year, produced by CBS.

even his wife,
julie chen,
kept a stance that janet didn’t apologize.
it’s alleged justin timberlake came crying with full apology,
and Lord knows what else he had to do,
which explains why he has gone further in his career.
i suspect it’s the reason why he threw her under the bus too.
look what the update with all those involved.

les is full of sexual harassment drama that cost him his career
julie’s career ( x might be in jeopardy )
justin timberlake looks a hot mess and is sorta over

…but janet tho?
well she is doing pretty good in these forests.

you might be wondering why your enemies are still standing.
i say let them stand.
i love when they get sit on their high horses looking down.
that fall to the pits of hell usually ends them.
this is why i tell folks fighting is for birds.
learn to be like janet and michael.
retribution is a beautiful thing.

lowkey: the downfall be like this…


*cue bittersweet symphony*

article cc: mgno

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “well janet ended up getting her retribution in 3s, didn’t she?”

  1. Yes, Jamari I’m glad you posted this. A lot of people knew Janet was blackballed, her career stalled and albums didn’t do well for a while after that, because radio stations weren’t playing her music. I’m not even going to type to much because it pisses me off how they did Janet. Once Janet came back people started to honor her and give her flowers, she has been getting so much awards lately. People are paying her respect and honoring her, and look at him, haha karma is a bitch. By the way I seen Janet this past summer, when I write she tore down the stage is an understatement. Honestly I didn’t see a 52 year old up there on stage. I just freaking love her she is an iconic living legend.

    1. ^i wanted to see her,
      but the tickets were crazy.
      hopefully she will have another tour so i can see her.
      i’d love to meet her and tell her how much “the velvet rope” got me through some dark times

  2. You ain’t lying Jamari. I’m soooo glad Janet is getting the credit she deserves! I went to her tour last year and she didn’t miss a beat, I felt so privileged to witness a Jackson doing wat they do best. A true icon. I already told you Saturn has returned to Capricorn and as the lord of Karma he giving everyone wat they deserve both good and bad. Les being exposed as a predator and Justin finally being called a culture vulture are the true gag. Just think 10 years ago we would’ve said it’s over for her. And now she selling out world tours, collecting accolades, got her baby and $500 M from her ex. Won’t he do it? Lol

    1. ^janet is winning out here.
      i know it feels good to finally be recognized,
      especially after all the years of hurtful behavior.

      im a believer.
      folks are getting karma so fast these days.
      it’s like have mercy on them universe.
      the victims are truly getting their last laughs these days.

  3. Saw Janet at the Panorama festival and she was great. I was hoping that you would mention this because Janet’s still not getting ALL the flowers she deserves. This has been a great year for her and im proud to be a Janet stan.

  4. Taurus goin fuck this shit up again. Make em fuck with us and see what the universe will hand out to them. Like another famous bull Kandi say LIES LIES LIES.

  5. I believe it’s possible Les Moonves set out to damage Janet’s career, but I don’t think his impact was that significant. Janet was already 20+ years into her recording artist career at the time of “nipple-gate” and had already begun to loose momentum with “All for You”. Every superstar pop artist’s career has a life cycle where they can have either a humble (Janet) or spectacular (Whitney) debut, a period of acclaim/dominance as a major trendsetter, followed by a decline in popularity as new artists and trends emerge. In Janet’s case, while “Damita Jo” was a decent album (definitely not her best), “20 YO” and “Discipline” were clear misfires. Further, unlike Madonna, Janet failed to successfully evolve as an artist as she aged. At 40+ she continued to play the “sex kitten” and “hot chic in the club” persona she had debuted with the “janet.” album.

    1. Les Moonves did enough damage to Janet to get Viacom owned TV and radio outlets to stop playing her music. Madonna hasn’t a #1 single on any chart since “Music” Janet has 4 singles to top RnB and Dance Chart since Nipplegate. Her latest single “Made for Now” came out the gate #1 on iTunes during the announcement of Aretha’s death, but the single was not added to enough pop outlets to maintain a position on the HOT 100. Moonves is to Janet as Tommy Mottola was to Michael.

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