i’m absolutely confused with this meghan markle situation (foxhole, help)

remember ^this moment?
this was during the honeymoon phase OR the beginning to the start of the shit show.
meghan markle had all these folks wanting to be swept up by royalty.
a “not so known” actress landing a prince and being part of a royal family.
it gave hope to all of us who want to date “up” and not dumpster dive.
well last night,
the opposite to that fantasy was revealed during the exclusive oprah interview.

Life behind the scene for Meghan Markle was not what it seemed.


i watched bits and pieces before i turned to the all-star game,
but i will ask a controversial question to the foxhole community

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did you try and “pray the gay away” like lil nas x?

i use to say that i wouldn’t wish being black and gay on anyone.
you gotta be strong to endure the shit most of us deal with.
this can be a very lonely and abusive life to live.
lil nas x admitted that he use to try and pray his gay away.
this is what he said in a clip from “cbs this morningwith gayle king

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well janet ended up getting her retribution in 3s, didn’t she?

one thing i respect about janet,
and even the late michael,
is she is very resilient.
when faced with adversity,
they kept their heads held high.
i can relate.
the following story really disturbed me.
it shows how evil in someone else can be defeated.
karma has really been taking folks down quick these days.
so reports are starting to circulate about why janet was blacklisted.
it was all allegedly because of les moonves,
the former cbs ceo who stepped down due to multiple alleged sexual harassment.
this is what “wgno” had to report…

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When Your Career Is In “Doubt”

^that is laverne cox about to tackle her for ruining this check.
i don’t get the following.
i do.
i remember when izzie stephens,
played by katherine heigl,
became the “it vixen” on grey’s anatomy.
as soon as any vixen from a tv show becomes “it”,
she is put into a ton of movies to raise her fan base.
“knocked up” and “the ugly truth” where her big movies during her prime.
well katherine heighl is the example of “biting the hand that feeds you”.
after a long list of flops,
she got on a show called “doubt” on cbs.
well after two episodes,
it’s been cancelled.
check out why via ew
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before i start on yours…

did she look like a bag of money tonight?!?!?!
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHSO6lEaXFU]
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8880GZM4lqQ&w=560&h=315]
they looked really cute:

i loved how well they cleaned up.
that is how you do it.
you did me proud breezy wolf.
okay got that out the way.
now onto frankie…..

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YOUR 56th THOUGHT: (56)

beyonce happened.
b took the stage and literally shut the super bowl down for about 20 minutes.
you know i had to ask the foxhole

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