before i start on yours…

did she look like a bag of money tonight?!?!?!
they looked really cute:

i loved how well they cleaned up.
that is how you do it.
you did me proud breezy wolf.
okay got that out the way.
now onto frankie…..


what the hell was that about?
this is how you do at a big award show:


well at least frankie won a grammy.


rihanna sounded great.
miguel is a beast live.
kelly clarkson is a bigger beast live.
does alicia keys have any other songs to sing?
i love jay-z and that swag of his.
prince is a pretty muthafucka.
i’d let drake smash.
katy perry got some nice twin sets.
ll cool j is sexy as hell but wow was he dull tonight.
my dream is to attend the grammys and have good seats.
it was an entertaining grammys this year.

that’s it.


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23 thoughts on “YOUR 57th THOUGHT: THE GRAMMY EDITION (57)”

  1. Justin T was good Bruno did the same performance better last year. Chris looked clean but acted high.Riri had 2 good performances.Still love ya Frank you took a creative risk but nerves took over.Great interview in NYtimes magazine profiling Frank Sunday nine pages long.Also revealing Behind the Cover interview with the writer online today

  2. The Grammys…Ok. I agree with everbody, but the grammys was boring as HELL! I pulled a book out and started reading. I waited all night to see Frank perform, and just gave up, because I got sleepy. Why was I seeing Chris Brown face in the camera every ten seconds, and the audience was giving standing ovations to performances that were not that good. They couldeve kept The Grammys this year.

  3. I didn’t have a problem with Frank’s performance because if you’re a fan of his, you know it reflects the kind of artist he is.

    He’s not a flashy person. He’s not going to have 1001 people on stage and pyrotechnics. That’s not his style. He’s about the music. More than the music, the lyrics. The story. So, it made sense to me.

    Plus, when you think about it, he made a statement last night. In that short, understated, four minutes of performing, he advanced the cause of millions of homosexual artists worldwide.

    As far as everyone else, I wish people would leave Chris alone. Honestly. He cleaned up nice, he showed his support, he clapped when he was supposed to clap. Now we’re criticizing because he didn’t clap hard enough? C’mon son.

    Miguel’s performance was cool. Carrie is a beast. Kelly sang. Love Justin’s set. Rihanna was on point vocally.

    1. Frank had the worse performance of the night.

      His nerves got the best of him.

      He made a statement, but I doubt if it was a positive one, for artists of any genre. Not a fan of his, but I do enjoy experiencing excellence and last night was horrible in a night of boring performances.

      Regardless of orientation, he just comes off as apologetic, weird, and mostly boring; still not getting it.

      It’s almost like he’s ashamed. For what it’s worth, if hip hop royalty essentially cosigns his existence, gives him a stamp of approval (if he feels he needs it) why be afraid/ashamed? But that’s a question/issue for another post.

    1. Yeah. I thought it was rude. Even as a joke. You can already tell Frank is uncomfortable. Why make him even more uncomfortable?

  4. J.Lo showed every lady in the house how to fucking do it. She never disappoints, one of the most beautiful and talented women I laid my eyes upon. I’m voting for her for next year’s superbowl halftime performer, she’s one of the only who can give Bey a run for her money. Even though her vocals aren’t the strongest, you can’t deny her as the ultimate entertainer/performer. And she actually sings live.

    Jay-Z looked happy to be there, I’m sure he’s glad to have his 2 grammys. Bey looked very subtle, but very seductive as well. Loved her one piece suit. She seemed a little stiff and nervous introducing JT with Ellen though. I’ve heard she is VERY down to Earth woman, but she needs to work on being more relateable to people. Because I’m am very sure she is.

    And for the finale, I love everything about Rih tonight. He hair, her gown, and her performance(s). She’s been getting on my last fucking nerve latley, and this is coming from a fan who is going to her concert in May.

    Chris however, looked very high, and un-ginuine. He looked like the last place he wanted to be was there. When he stood up to clap for people his eyes were closed with a smile. He just look very fake as if he was forced to be there. I feel really bad for Breezy wolf, but I think its just best for him to move back to Tappanock (dont care if its misspelled) and chill for 3 years, and get his life together. He just seem so fake to me tonight, and just so uncaring. You can tell he wasn’t feeling it. Seriosuly, he’s on a very face pace, and I am worried how its gonna end.

    1. ^i really liked how you broke this down.
      i didn’t even notice breezy wolf being like that.
      i’m glad you pointed it out.

      i know one thing.
      he nor miguel wanted to congratulate frankie.

      1. Frankie can blow [no pun intended]
        But I honestly enjoyed Kalediscope Dream better than channel orange
        I thought Miguel should’ve got it
        And from the look of his face when he turned to his girl, you can tell he wanted it too lol
        But I’m proud of Frank
        Nobody fucking with Miguel tho

  5. I was so pulling for Frankie and was disappointed at all the shade thrown his way in all the major categories. Now Frankies performance was awful, he sounded weak and scared and I was like this is your big night Bro, pull out all the stops. I was proud of the Curry Goat Whisperer, the best I have ever heard her sound, she stayed in her lane and didnt try anything ridiculous, other less than vocal talents should take note, and btw she looked damn good tonight. Kelly Rowland is gonna turn me str8 if she doesnt stop looking so damn good. Why was Beyonce giving us Hilary Clinton realness with that pantsuit, she looked like she was dressed to go to Blu Ivy’s school luncheon. Kelly Clarkson sang the hell of Aretha’s Natural Woman, didnt know she could go like that, I have slept on her. Prince is a motherfukkin PIMP, giving you Morticia Adams realness with a twist of Shiite Muslim with that head wrap. Adele, lawd she was looking like she was at the Mothers Board Spring Social. Missed J-Lo but she looks good on the above pic, giving me Retro Studio 54 70’s Disco Diva. I have not heard of most of the winners tonight.

    1. ^b probably wanted to follow the rules.
      she looked good.
      they said no sex appeal for tonight’s grammys.
      jlo broke the rules…
      …as a bad vixen should.

    2. DEAD@ giving you Morticia Adams realness with a twist of Shiite Muslim with that head wrap.

      I was thinking Hunger Games at first, but the cane threw me off.

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