jlo brings them out on stage last night

jlo has been in the news a lot these last few weeks.
it’s not “bennifer 2.0” shenanigans.

this actually might be legit.
they are super lowkey these days.

Sidebar: one thing i love.
when she gets into a relationship,
she cleans and upgrades the wolf tf up.
They get her glam squad in the union.
I like when a male gets a full upgrade when he is with someone.
you can fuck around and make him someone else’s dream too.

this documentary of hers on netflix has been all the talk.
her folicles have been on edge over the shakira/superbowl controversy.
( x read it here )
jlo performed at the blue diamond gala last night at dogder’s stadium.
she brought out a special guest for a duet…

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everyone in your relationships are the problem once you’re (ben) affleck-ted

here are two red flags some people don’t ever notice from others.
this is the first one for content creators:

Be careful of people who claim to be cool with you,
but the moment you say something they don’t agree with,
suddenly they turn on you.
They start making shady comments and being lowkey nasty.
I’ve encountered that A LOT in the foxhole.
Folks who are cool with me until I write about something/someone they like.

“And this is why you’re ugly and your mother is dead in hell.”

this is why it takes me a while to warm up people now.
you gotta prove you’re genuine even if we don’t see eye to eye.
the second thing is:

People who are constantly the victims in a breakup.

ben affleck showed me what a red flag he is when he leaves a relationship via “tmz”…

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some of us date, do too much, and break up like jlo too (don’t laugh at her!)

when jlo got with a-rod,
i seriously thought that it might work.
a-rod manifested jlo into his life:


they seemed really into each other on socials and their kids seem to take to the relationship well.
in typical jlo fashion,
something went wrong and they broke up.
( x see it here )
jlo has the ability to get wolves and a ring out of them,
but somewhere down the line,
it never works out.
i had to wonder

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jennifer lopez and shakira do “halftime show”

so i didn’t know what to expect.
jennifer lopez and shakira were doing the superbowl halftime show.
two artists who are completely different in genre.
the only thing about them that’s similar is they’re both latinas.

This could go good or really bad

so i was front and center for last night’s performance and well…

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was it “motown” or “uptown”? (i’m confused)

when i think of motown,
i think of black soul.
a time when artists stood on a stage and sung.


they might have had background dancers,
doing one or two hand motions,
but it was all bout the voice.
motown reminds me of a happy time in my life.
when my parents were alive,
they would play those classics while cleaning or going somewhere in the car.
i often listen to the music to invoke those memories.
so when i heard jennifer lopez was performing a motown tribute at the grammys,
i knew it would NOT go well.
it didn’t…

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Jennifer Lopez Starting Off The New Year Being Petty and a Dragging

i see team “but you know me” is starting ’17 being petty.
so we all had an opinion about mariah’s nose dive performance last night.
well another diva,
jennifer lopez,
took her passive aggression to instagram.
since instagram introduced “likes”,
it has really exposed the inner petty in many.
this is what jennifer lopez allegedly liked that someone caught…
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