the uninteresting truth about jennifer lopez?

“Jennifer Lopez is a beautiful vixen but she isn’t interesting.” – Cousin Hybrid

i don’t think many realize being just pretty,
or handsome.
or dresses well,
or has a well put together social media isn’t interesting.

anyone can be all of those things.
i’ll font about jlo and why she isn’t interesting these days…

J. Lo spent many of her years being a diva.
She first started to garner interest based off her ass.

Aside from that,
she never cultivated a personality besides her looks and her clothes.
We don’t know her.
we don’t.

What we do know is she is an attention seeking loveaholic who dates and marries quick.

Her whole career has been pretty much tied to a wolf.
In front of the camera,
she knows how to pose and give us everything.
she alleged attitude is awful and she isn’t liked by many people.

as far as career,
jlo plays the same characters in many of her movies.
she has kinda gotten far by using people to get to the next level.
she is notorious for becoming “hood” when the direction calls for it.
compare two bronx hood vixens: cardi b and jlo.

So now that she is in her 50s,
all she has to show for herself is a marriage to Ben Affleck.

The great love that got away from her.
Her singing voice hasn’t improved,
producers can’t figure out her musical persona,
and all she has mastered being a jack of all trades but a master of none.

you know what would have made this latest marriage interesting?
if they tried their hardest to keep it a secret.
playing cat and mouse with the paparazzi and generating interest.
it started that way at first but then

all this random talking about this relationship that no one asked.
bennifer 2.0 has been insufferable tbh.
every conversation has been her self worth around ben affleck.
i think she has reached a stage that she isn’t relatable to the general public.
when we needed to hear her thoughts on things,
even taking us into her inner world,
she was quiet and ignored it.

you know what would been a dope start for her?

Taking accountability and apologizing for her nasty alleged behavior towards Mariah.

even if mariah didn’t accept it,
that would have been different than the usual.
you gotta risk embarrassment when you start to admit your truths.
my thing is that people drag her for the vocals,
and some of the movies.
it’s not like she isn’t used to being dragged.

i think jlo will continue to do things to get people to drag her until she retires.
she will show up and look fly but that is about it.
she is a lesson to those who are only about the superficial and materialistic.
it only takes you so far but when you reach your peak

lowkey: she needs to play a villainous bitch in her next movie.
if its a romcom,
trash it.

2 thoughts on “the uninteresting truth about jennifer lopez?

  1. At first I didn’t understand the JLo hate and backlash, but then I started thinking. JLo got her whole career on the backs of black people she started out as an original fly girl on “ In Living Color” thanks to Keenan Ivory Waynes, she was in Janet Jackson’s “ Thats the way love goes” video, she had massive duets with Ja-Rule, she dated Puff Daddy etc; but when she reached the height of her career she seemed to push black people to the side. JLo came up in the 90’s so she really was never going to be publicly called out, but we live in different times in 2024.

    I think JLo has had a pretty good career honestly and a lot of the criticism seems to be baseless, but I do think she suffers from Celie’s curse from the “Color Purple “, “Until you do right by black people everything you do is going to fail”.

  2. She might not be the best singer/actress but she has had a good career. Better than most. I recently said to a friend that I forgot she had an album coming out. It seems like the attention she once had is fading.

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