steven beck is the most interesting vintage attentionisto penis of them all

I’m gonna stand on that.

out of all the vintage penis attentionistos,
steven beck is still the most interesting.

besides keeping up with his looks and bawdy,
he has lived many different lives….



Been On The Scene
Has a Kid
Been a Hoe

Rumors of Smashin’ Some of the Finest
Another Male
Step Father

my head is spinning.
is there anymore to his story?

i’ve never heard that he has had a nasty attitude bts.
he knows how to maintain a mystique and keeps a healthy distance on social media.
he knows how to entertain without being too much.
many have an alleged story about if they fucked him.
he doesn’t defend himself and let’s everyone create the story for him.

That is already interesting enough.

who knows what else he has up his fur for this new era of his life.
i’m sure ya’ll will let me know.
he might not be in movies but he has a star quality.
he has something that many of these attentionistos are dying to have.

a lot of attentionistos want the fame but they aren’t all that interesting.
they look good and dress well but that’s about it.
there is more to it than just working out and posing in pictures.
there needs to be something about you that makes people talk.
some think that opening an OF is the best move but…

that is where their interest (or potential interest) goes to die.

steven had an OF but that just added as another notch to his infamy.

some might not like steven beck but let’s be real:

He doesn’t have to do much to get people to talk about him.
Ever so often,
he does something and everyone starts barking at the same time.

that alone males someone interesting enough to pay attention too.
steven beck is interesting and a lot of these attentionistos aren’t.

lowkey: i had a really good conversation with a Foxholer about being interesting.
thank you for inspiring me.
this might be a series today.

6 thoughts on “steven beck is the most interesting vintage attentionisto penis of them all

  1. I don’t know, I never really got into Steven Beck like that. He’s definitely attractive he’s one of those weird ones where he looks good with hair but he’s still sexy bald; but for me I prefer him with hair and he’s been bald for a while now.

    Also for me I think he got an undeserved bad reputation, at his height he just came across like a male gigolo or some sort of hobo-sexual; I’m glad that he’s not viewed that way anymore but I just can’t shake it at the moment.

  2. Whatever happened to that Charlie guy who appeared on a show despite being engaged? And the Odell Beckham lookalike?

  3. I like him and agree with you all. ( Plus him embracing his “Authentic Truth and getting married to that brotha )

  4. And he’s only 32.I thought he was older than that but a few years ago a classmate was in his comments and she had a picture of them when they were kids on her page.

  5. I like Steven Beck a lot. He’s super nice and has a beautiful smile!! I’ve been following him since his days doing the playgirl magazine spread!! He gives social media just enough to keep us wondering and wanting more!! He stays out of the dirt and mind his own business!!

    1. ^that is why he generates interest.
      i haven’t heard anything bad about him as far as attitude.
      the other rumors are what sells.

      sometimes its our bad rumors that push up to the front.

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