the attentionistos that are interesting, kinda interesting, or pissed everyone off

I don’t know if I ever told the Foxhole but I use to image consulting in the PR field.
It was with a bootleg company but it got my paws wet.

with these conversations about interest,
i wanted to pull some attentionistos up of the past,
and future.

ones who are just there,
“interesting but…”,
and the interesting.
these are my personal thoughts but i’m welcome to change my views.
this may be controversial but we like a little chaos in the Foxhole…

“Just There”

charlie was the mysterious wolf who was introduced to us through marvin bienaimie.
out of all the wolves on marvin’s roster,
he is the one that garnered the most attention.
he never spoke but marvin made him interesting based off sex appeal.
charlie’s biggest mistake was going on that damn reality show.
not only that,
he picked a white vixen and sent the popular black one home.

why would you do that charlie?

the fans of that show have cast him as the villain ever since.
people still like to look at him and he’s trying to show more personality.
i think its best he continues to pretend that reality show never happened.

cleiton is absolutely f’n gorgeous.
that is some prime cut cape verdean meats right there.
he didn’t have to do anything but be charismatic and look like “fuck u all the way good“…
but then he goes and acts a fool in thailand and starts being homophobic on IG.

he needs to take accountability and apologize for his wrongdoings.
i need him to stfu too cause his biggest base are gay males.
stop talking and get a journal.
apple just put one on our phones.

chadoy was better and finer before he spoke.
i remember when i featured him and he was likeeeeeeeee:

“Why am I on some gay site?”

…along with his many homophobic rants in the past.
he put his fingers in his mouth and killed his reputation in one swoop.
i don’t know if losing his brother humbled him but i do think he needs a therapist.
i think his next journey should be mental health as we can see from his IG.

heat is sexy but he lost his interest once he became too accessible.
he got stuck in his stripper image.
he is doing the most on OF.
its like he’s bored but knows this is what pays the bills.
he is lowkey homophobic but needs his gay audience too.
i need him to pick a struggle.
he doesn’t come off like a kind person either.
they usually don’t until they take a tumble from grace.

the gay OF folks are starting to become redundant.
they have all fucked each other that they’re fucked out.
everyone is regurgitating the same scenes with the same people.
not only that,
they’re fighting like feral and miserable animals all the time.

tell us you hate your life and the people in it without telling us?

many of them need hard resets.
you know what made diksukka interesting and iconic?

he introduced us to a forest that was forbidden.
he was turning out males we would never suspect in that basement.
he wasn’t a stunner but was baggin’ different conquests.
it played on the “turnin’ out straights” fantasy that was still fresh.
it was the same with lady que.
these OF folks have made this a job and you can tell how miserable they are now.
they are putting out content to parasocial gays who only see them as sex objects.

The “Interesting But…”

i think lamonte is playing “the villain” these days.
you can be a villain and still be interesting.

they are all playing the villain and it works for them.
lamonte’s interest lies in what is he gonna font on twitter to piss people off.
his OF is boring and beatin’ up pussy ain’t his thing.
what works for his interest is he is black MAGA who seems to despise gays,
but makes homoerotic content for the same gays.

once the gay get bored of same ol,
he’ll be done.
i think the day he has sex with another male will hard reset his interest.

john is interesting because he is sexy but kinda strange.
he knows how to make gays VEX with his “kinda-sorta homophobia“.
he got attention off the fact he said some wild shit on twitter about gay males.
when he did explain himself,
it’s was in hotep coding you needed to consult The Universe to answer.
i think he has perfected the art of the cock and ass tease.
his cheeks were the thing he knew the gays wanted to see.
it lived up to expectations but i think folks are holding on for the what’s next.
john is sexy and is good at teasing something new while making folk’s annoyed.
i think the annoyance is what keeps folk’s interested in him.
we don’t know if we want to fuck or fight him.

maurice is only interesting due to those big middle portions on both sides.
he definitely plays the villain and is confused why people think so.
i think he is crazy and that is what makes him interesting for the time being.
he is starting to turn the gays off with his OF scamming tho.

i think jt is getting boring.
he still attracts interest but doesn’t seem to have a real personality.
his chest is still his selling point but i’m waiting for the what’s next?

i think if he was to date a sexy vixen but the relationship was toxic,
and it played out over social media in a fun way,
that would shake the table.
people love sexy folks in relatable mess.

The Interesting

george is hot because he doesn’t have the typical european features.
he has a nice big african nose and full lips.
he has that big texas grown bawdy too.
i liked the way he handled getting that light dragging for editing a pic.
everyone filters and edits.

he is a college student who is in a frat.
we haven’t really seen that before.
i think he is insecure which is interesting.
he has carefully edited his persona and you can tell.
unless he says the wrong thing or gets exposed for being an asshole,
i think he can carry this pretty far.
i’m interested to see what happens once he graduates.
i need this hair to go too.

i like this one.
i think avee has the potential to be a star.
he is fione af,
can dress,
lightweight cocky,
and has charisma.
he trained one of the Foxholers who told me is very cool.
he hasn’t said anything stupid.
he lets his content speak for itself.
i can see him being a love interest with a comedic storyline in a black show.
he has the look of “who tf is that????” on our screens.

“Yo that dude she had that sex scene with was fine!
Lemme go look for his IG.”

you know,
that type.

i’ve heard good things about chief as far as personality.
he is fine,

college graduate,
and he participates in body building competitions.
i think he won in the past.
don’t quote me.

he is friends with george too.
i think they both learned how to maneuver correctly in these social forests.
what not to say but keep a positive relationship with admirers.
i think his interest lies in his looks and the fact he is a gentle giant.
keep it that way.

like steven beck,
agu has lived many different lives.

he is another who can make anyone start talking “just because“.
he still generates interest due to his past.
i still get off to how he kisses.

agu went from model,

allegedly married and hard resting as a real estate agent.
it’s been interesting watching him and that big penis of his age gracefully.
his online resume proceeds itself but we are still rocking with him on his journey.

i think they are setting up for john to be an actor.
thank God because we need more eye candy.
john’s interest lies in his good looks.
he is an ultra handsome wolf,
with a bomb bawdy,
and a pretty upbeat attitude.
when you think of a handsome black male,
he is the first that comes to mind.
he is also with a recent grammy winner and they share a daughter together.
john has stayed pretty unproblematic since his debut.

remember when i fonted jeff should play some kind of hench-wolf in a movie?
well look.
jeff’s career as an actor is booming and he is still pretty interesting.
i think the tattoos,
his mystique,
and his dark energy make him really appealing.
he looks like a well adjusted hit man or something.
he plays up the persona well.

king is an up and comer.
he is fizzzione,
has a nice bawdy,
has a bubbly personality,
got that spanish charm going on,
and has been very upfront about his struggles in a creative way.
he turns his pain to creation and i think that’s dope.
we will always be interested in the sexy wolf being honest with his emotions.

pani created interest off never really talking tbh.
he knows his angles very well.
the whispers about his sexuality came but when he debuted that monster penis

all of that helped create his current interest.
he walks up to the line but knows where to stop.
like john,
he is a big cock tease.
i like he puts up pics on his socials but they are first cum and first served.
he doesn’t play about his content either.
he takes his image very serious so i know if he was ever to start talking,
we would probably be turned off.
i don’t know how far he is going to go posting the same poses all the time,
but for right now,
it still has everyone in a choke-hold.

Speaking of doesn’t address sexuality…

odell is interesting because we just don’t know.
he does one thing and it contradicts the next.
he doesn’t address or argue about what people think.
that is what makes him interesting to me.
he plays up on whatever is being said about him.

“You think I’m gay?

I’m gonna make you think it even more while I’m balls deep in some hoe I met at Whole Foods the other day.

if more males realized their interest comes from what people assume,
and learning to play up on that without getting in their feelings,
they would see how powerful that can be.

i thinkkkkkkkk that’s it.
i’m sure there are others i missed.
there are a lot of attentionistos out here.
i ain’t got the time.
these are the ones i pay or paid attention too.

If you have anyone you think is interesting,
please drop the @ in the comments.

we always like to discover new meaty talent in The Foxhole.
we can decide if they are interesting or nah.

6 thoughts on “the attentionistos that are interesting, kinda interesting, or pissed everyone off

  1. I have to give you credit for this post, I really like it. I also agree with you about most of your conclusions.

    At the Top of the list, I would put John Gaines, right now I really do see it for him. I can’t wait for him to make his move in the entertainment industry.

    2nd I like Augu, it’s been pretty interesting to watch him grow older, he’s been all over the place. It’s cool that he’s trying to do his real estate thing, but I do miss his OnlyFans that he had, it was fire for what it was.

    3rd Jeff Logan, I think is cool, I haven’t checked out any of his acting projects yet, I’m not really into all that violent gangster type of stuff. I actually liked him more when he was bigger and had that bodybuilding physique now he’s gotten a little too skinny.

    4th Jeff was cool, but like you said he opened that mouth. I think there is hope but he has to decide what he wants to do and move in that direction, but he’s going to have to grow and mature mentally because a reckless mouth can kill a career before it even starts.

    5th Lamonte, I don’t know what to say about this one, maybe he served his purpose in a particular space and time. At this point, Maga is not it, and trolling only gets you so far. Maybe if he started a new type of sip’n’ paint.

    6th Charlie, he messed up by going white girl sorry to say. With everything that’s going on in the country right now that interracial stuff only plays well in a heavily curated space, it doesn’t play well in the real world. For a lot of these shows, especially really TV they will use the black guy for diversity, but those white girls don’t really be feeling the black guys like that.

    7th Odell, honestly, he is getting old at this point. I think Odell is currently 31 years old and the average age of retirement for an NFL player is 28; so, no matter how good he looks he’s a couple of years past his prime. Odell will be retired in the next couple of years, and he will have to find something to do if he wants to stay in the spotlight.

  2. This is my kind of thread. I would be remiss if I do not mention Royal Georges & that elusive Marshall Price

  3. I despise Lamonte’s personality when he talks. he can stay silent, post gym and running shirtless pics and ww good. I be so ready to unfollow him most days

  4. Duke Dennis > all of these men. That is one straight man who doesn’t have to be in the gym everyday because sexy and charming just OOZES from his pores. Duke Dennis doesn’t have to take his shirt off to get a crowd swooning. He can just smile. THAT is the it factor.

    Duke Dennis is the closest we have to 90s fine with all these nipped and tucked prettyboys.

  5. Wow. What a line up lol. I would also add Doryus Jones, Shapiro King, and Fred Jones to the list of most interesting guys

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