i’ve been moving wild funny out here because of diddy

i’ve been doing something and i think ya’ll might be disappointed with me.
it involves diddy

i’ve been sending the straights everything about Diddy’s alleged degenerate behavior,
especially when it involves straight rapping wolves who might have allegedly done gay shit.


Folks love to judge gays but when they learn their precious ultra-masculine straights might have done gay shit too.
The better the pounding or/and the gawk gawk 2000; the better the deal…

one of my straight friends responded to my text like “i hope not!“.
the shock and disappoint in their tones…
even if it isn’t true,
nothing brings me greater joy and amusement.
i know,
i know
i’ll ask for forgiveness this sunday at church.
i’ll never not forget what a Foxholer sent me that allegedly involved diddy and christopher williams.
according to and allegedly per ( x this website ):

R&B singer Christopher Williams went to Puff Daddy’s office looking for a record deal. He’s made one album before he saw Puff and the album was called Adventure In Paradise which was made in 1989. I really don’t know when this situation happened. So Christopher Williams went to Puff looking for a record deal up at Bad Boy. This what Puffy said to the R&B singer. He says that “If you want this record deal, you have to give me some time tip!” In other words that if Christopher Williams want this record deal, then he has to give him oral sex. Christopher Williams starts to think about it but he wants to be the man, again. He wants to be number one once more. So, he went on his knees and start giving Puff Daddy top.

As Christopher Williams was giving Puffy dom, a woman who was one of lead councils of Bad Boy walks into his office. As she walks into the office, all she sees is Christopher Williams on his knees giving Puffy top. The woman was in shock as she saw Christopher Williams sucking off Puff. And when they got caught, Christopher Williams kept sucking away. They didn’t even stop. The next day Puff Daddy came into her office and said to her “Yeah, you so you came in there. So what!? You goanna say something?” And the woman says “Ah no, I just don’t understand why you leave the door unlocked if you goanna so something like that?” And he says that “I’ll do whatever the fuck I wanna do in my building.” And he also said to her “If I can make a man suck my dick, I can make people do anything for money” Puff Daddy cut Christopher Williams a check and the record deal never happened. And the woman? She left Bad Boy.

not he still kept sucking tho.
i’m getting this deal
no matter what!
all jokes aside,
reading that unsettled me for some reason.

i don’t know what might be going on with meek these days…

and his response to all these allegations:

lowkey: is that page meek was allegedly following just gay porn?
some of these freak twitters like to mix up the tempo with gay and straight scenes.

5 thoughts on “i’ve been moving wild funny out here because of diddy

  1. Sorry gang. Call me crazy, but I don’t get “Gay” from Diddy. I really think he is just comfortable with himself and his affection for men. (I do think his sons may be on the spectrum ). I could be wrong as 2 left shoes, but I stand by this ” Diddy not gay” stance . ( smile)

    1. You’re right, he’s bisexual. Or as a friend of mine would say, tri-sexual. He’ll try anthing.🤣

  2. Meek Mill is talking to much. I wouldn’t have said anything to the “allegations” but by him continuing to talk it makes him look like he really did have something going on with diddy🤷🏾‍♂️

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