kelsey nicole decides to break her silence on a podcast rather than in court in 2022?

remember after the rih and chris brown debacle,
chris brown defenders were all like:


i always asked if they were in the trunk and i was met with silence and grimaces.
i love playing devil’s advocate with these hoes.
the next week or month after the incident,
he throws a chair through a window at gma and i’m met with:

“They were picking on him and they made him angry asking him questions!”

i concluded there are a lot of simple bitches out here.
so i saw today that in megan and tory debacle,
kelsey nicole who was the best friend of megan and full blown attentionista,

is going to “speak” on some podcast:

not this dateline exclusive podcast.
and i think many of us are collectively here to let kelsey know

No one cares.

she had every chance to say her side of things in december of 2022.
like rih and chris,
everyone says there is more to this story.
you mean to tell me if there was more,
wouldn’t have been said when they were,
oh i dunno…


not waiting a year later to speak about something we have pretty much moved on from.
everyone has this and that to say or font about megan,
calling her a social climber

…but what is Kelsey?

everyone has this big conspiracy theory about who shot who but:

When it was time to say what needed to be said,
Tory Lanez didn’t take the stand and Kelsey ( x responded that she didn’t remember ).
So suddenly,
she remembers now after he has been in prison for this long

Isn’t the ( x perjury )?
She doesn’t seem that smart tbh.

Not only that,
when Tory did speak:

so what are we supposed to do now?
i know what we are supposed to do.
move tf on!
bye kelsey.

lowkey: i love how everyone who claims they are pro black woman showed they actually aren’t.
this is about 2 incidents with black vixens that got skull dragged for being victims.

don’t even get me started on cassie being a victim too.

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  1. Why talk now girl?!?!…..Yo AZZ should have done that a long time ago!!!! Trust me…I guarantee she’s gonna come at Meg!!! I’m just going to sit back and wait to see what the ends gon be…

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