i got denied and i’m not happy, like, at all

Yesterday was…

i had all intentions of coming on the Foxhole after my errands yesterday.
i had a plan yesterday morning.
God often laughs when you make plans but this might have been the devil.
well i ain’t laughing.
so i got a call from my therapist just as i was on the way home.
i never get any calls from her outside of the days of my session.
she tells me…

My health insurance got cancelled.

damn near got hit by a car because i stopped in the middle of the street.

“there must me some kind of mistake.”
i had on the “calm but trying not to blowz TF up” face as i spoke to her.

every year,
they auto renew my health insurance.
this year,
for whatever reason,
they didn’t and my coverage ran out in jan.
they are now telling me at the start of march?
needless to say,
i chewed them out when i called.

My therapy is under my insurance.

needless to say,
i felt very defeated.
i had to ask myself that am i ready for a forest without therapy?
have i grown and healed enough?
i know that i’ve been putting in work but i only scratched the surface.
my last session couldn’t have been my last,

so my remaining sessions have been canceled until further notice.
i have a meeting with them on monday.

2 thoughts on “i got denied and i’m not happy, like, at all

  1. Hopefully you will be able to reinstate or given another option by the state so that you can continue your therapy sessions.

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