Tyga’s Ex Alleged Trans She-Hyena Is Mad At Him Again

if you can’t handle a situationship with someone in the spotlight,
you shouldn’t pursue it.
it takes certain characteristics to be “that one”.
so mia isabella,
a trans vixen,
is mad at tyga.
well they allegedly dated,
in her words,
and he has been denying it.
in a recent interview with “the breakfast club”,
he said this:


…which caused her to tweet this rant

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Chris Brown Gets “No Entry”

tumblr_nk9c6cPrCM1rirxvyo1_1280see what i did there with the title and the picture?
*insert devil emoji*
its been a week of all “chris brown” ‘rything.
its been great for my line of business.
anyway it looks like all of the canadian foxhole will miss out.
chris has been denied entry up north.
this is what he tweeted before deleted
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Michael Sam Gets “DENIED”

MSAMDENIEDmichael sam got “denied”.
not with his football career.
ooohhh nawwwww.
he should be in mini camp right now or soon.
no this is about him being a reality star on OWN.
remember oprah wanted to cash in where she saw fit?
well an f-bi sent me the update and well…
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The Game Is The New Oprah Winfrey This Week

tumblr_mpyiqp7wu61qk1owmo1_500the game can’t sit with us.
well he can sit with me,
but he ain’t sitting in houston’s restaurant in pasedena.
all because of a couple issues he has.
guess what it is…

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tumblr_mor0yrWyPi1sqswuto1_500drake got that denial when he tried to get in the miami heat locker room.

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