Tyga’s Ex Alleged Trans She-Hyena Is Mad At Him Again

if you can’t handle a situationship with someone in the spotlight,
you shouldn’t pursue it.
it takes certain characteristics to be “that one”.
so mia isabella,
a trans vixen,
is mad at tyga.
well they allegedly dated,
in her words,
and he has been denying it.
in a recent interview with “the breakfast club”,
he said this:


…which caused her to tweet this rant

tyga step right up…

isn’t this the same one that tried to out him in ( x 2015 )?
how is she gonna says she is “private”,
but went on an outing spree?
i’m confused.
some of the trans vixens are going hard in outing these days.
he didn’t even mention her name.
he just denied the rumors to keep the interview moving.
i have a question for the foxhole.
this is to those who have dealt with those in the spotlight or even the dl

Did you realize what you were getting into?

i don’t know if the sex fucks you up,
or the insecurities,
but it really has folks out here acting illogical.

she needs to sit down.
if you can’t handle the big wolves/hybrids/and foxes,

then stay in the forests you are accustomed.

lowkey: have you noticed once tyga left the kkk-koven,
you don’t hear any stories about his finances?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

20 thoughts on “Tyga’s Ex Alleged Trans She-Hyena Is Mad At Him Again”

  1. I’ve NEVER been a fan of outing someone. To me it’s whack and also dangerous and can lead to people getting hurt. When you date these (“DL”) men you know what you’re getting yourself into so why get upset? You chose to be someone’s secret.

    1. Hurt and most likely…killed. Playing with a wolf tempts one to being bitten or worst, attacked by the pack.

    2. Agreed. Same with side chicks. You know what you’re getting yourself into, but most of these people think they’re going to be THE ONE who their lover leaves their wife/significant other for. And when it doesn’t happen, they’re out here trying to destroy the person.
      Silly rabbit,,,tricks are for kids.

      I would say I’d be down with someone taking care of me, but my conscience wouldn’t let me be the other person in a three way relationship. I’m not looking to destroy any marriages/engagements.
      If they were single and dating, that’s a different story.

  2. How can one be “low key private” lmao wtf does that even mean. Either you’re a private person or you’re not. Pick one.
    I’m seeing a trend of many people needing to stay in school lol.

  3. you’re actually right I haven’t heard from tyga since he’s not been w/ kylie (if they are broken up) Maybe staying lowkey is good for his career possibly.

  4. I believe they slept together because they say he gets down like that, and he seems like the type. Anyway, this “ex” of his should just leave it alone and leave him be. He will never admit to it.

  5. To those saying that outing is wrong and that the Trans woman knew what she was getting into, so why be upset, here’s my question to you all: Why doesn’t that same logic apply to these DL men?Unless I’ve missed something, these Trans women aren’t being Markeith Rivers Jr. They are outing these men after these DL men have did them dirty. It takes two to tango.

    These DL men are showing their natural born asses and then trying to use the fact that they are on the DL to escape shame or retribution. That’s not how many people play the game. Either these DL men are going to play the game smarter going forward or they’ll continue to be outed, but what I don’t get is the incessant protection of men who are grown but refusing to live in their own truth while engaging in messiness. Boggles my mind.

    1. I can answer that question simply for you since I am Trans!!! LEAVE THEM THE HELL ALONE if you wanna keep your sanity, your dignity, and save yourself from heartbreak. I can only speak for myself I wouldn’t put myself in such a situation. Messing with these DL men is like expecting a married man to be committed to you which is foolishness. It definitely takes two to tango but again, just because he offered to tango with you doesn’t mean you have to accept the dance. Bottom line know your worth and PROTECT YOURSELF!!!

  6. Yes, I had a very long relationship with a very senior politician and knew what the deal was from the beginning. We were out to some of his friends, and completely out to mine. When it finished, that was it. Sad of course, because you’ve spent so much time, and effort with this person, but in the end, high profile affairs like any others will change. Be true to yourself, and if you ever even liked the person, you wouldn’t entertain trying to ‘out’ them. Why? To what end? You make yourself look a complete fool, and in the end, with clever PR advisors he/she usually still come out on top. Maybe even with a new show cd/movie and you’re still tainted as the slapper who couldn’t keep their mouth shut. I think it’s the same with DL men as well. In the end, you are the one who comes out the worst for wear.

  7. Another thirsty trans who can’t seem to understand that they’re only the dirty little secret. You really think he’s going to jeopardize his career for a jump off? (One with a penis at that)?? Go sit down somewhere and take those hormone pills. I can’t with the extraness and attention whoring. Go find another famous DL person to trick off on because this one has kicked you to the curb

  8. EMPTY FUCKING PEOPLE. Just empty! WHY is it SO IMPORTANT for validity, recognition, openness on social media, WHY? This generation is fucked UP for real. What’s the matter with these people? What is it with people CRAVING for publicity, likes and empty bonding with Fake people?

    Bitch, get a fucking LIFE and go find a fucking job. Fucking HOE!

    Damn. i hate these empty fuckers!

  9. As someone who briefly dated a DL wolf singer, I knew exactly what I was getting myself into; I knew this man was not going to have me out and about, taking me to award shows, movie premiers or anything of that nature because of his image. He made it clear to me what it was and it was my choice to accept it and I did. Once it was done I realized to never make the same mistake and I am proud to say I haven’t. Outing him and putting his business out there would only make me look desperate, jaded and attention hungry…just like it’s making this trans vixen look.

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