So I Watched “Wonder Woman” And Well…

i’ve been in a very “superhero” place as of late.
after watching “batman vs superman”,
i really liked one of the messages i took from it.

“Even the superheros aren’t appreciated”

i loved the appearance of wonder woman too.
i don’t know much about her,
besides the cartoons i watched,
but i was eager to watch her own movie.
so i did and well…

i enjoyed it a lot.
the opening with all the amazons training>>>>
i thought i would be bored,
since i didn’t know much about her,
but i found myself really into it.
she is also the strongest in the “justice league” so i need to know her.
her back story was interesting.
i loved that she was like an alien in our world,
but she was passionate about humanity.
she saw the darkness that humans can have and it opened her eyes.
it reminded me of my own struggles with some in way.
i was a little confused that the love of a snow wolf helped her become a goddess,
but i guess the cubs need something to aspire too.

her cat walk>>>>

i’m gonna watch “man of steel” next.
i tried to watch one of his recent movies,
but i fell asleep due to extreme boredom.
or maybe i was tired?
i dunno…
the crazy part is all these dc movies tie into each other.
suicide squad,
which could have been so much better,
had a few easter eggs in it too.
as the foxholers been saying,
i need to watch that because i’ll understand better.
i’ll check out “man of steel” soon.

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14 thoughts on “So I Watched “Wonder Woman” And Well…”

  1. Wonder Woman was one of the greatest films I have ever seen. It blew me away. The coming to age aspect was amazing and it was so.well.done. I already have it pre-ordered in both digital and steelbook. And I don’t buy movies at all.

  2. Wonder Woman’s origin debut was handled well by director Patty Jenkins. It wasn’t epic but it was a decent entry for the Amazonian Princess as her place in the DCEU begins to unfold.

    I read the other comments about Man of Steel, and I believe it is required viewing. It humanizes Clark Kent and displays both his trepidation of humanity (instilled in him by his father Jonathan Kent) as well as his sense of obligation to humanity.

    Suicide Squad is probably the only film in the DCUE that currently no real connectivity to the other events in a “must see” sorta way. You can skip it, but I read that you viewed it already so my apologies for the torture you endured 🙂

    1. I agree. Man of Steel was great to me; the Dragonball Z like fighting, the story of how and why Superman is the way he is, and of course the visual masterpiece of Henry. I appreciate the different tone that DC are implementing with their films.

  3. I was just about to type you the same thing Tony did, Man of Steel was kinda boring.The only fun part of that movie was the fight in smallville.

    Wonder Woman was amazing I loved everything about it.

    -loved that not only did they have different color amazons but different body sizes as well .

    -I forgot how fine Chris Pine is, some of him scenes his face was just too pretty

    -There was a good amount of action throughout this movie and not just at the end , BvS should have been like that.

    P.S.Since you’re on a superhero kick lately I would suggest you check out Watchmen it’s a defining moment in comics. There’s a movie but its not as good as the stand alone comic series. There’s a really good motion comic of the series on Youtube.

  4. Wonder Woman was amazing. DC still can’t touch Marvel in film, even though their cartoons and live actions shows are dope.

    1. ^suicide squad could have been so much better.
      it seems dc has a theme of “taking of scenes because they are too dark”.
      those scenes are what they should have left in the movie!

  5. Please don’t watch man of steel you will be disappointed and lose this awesome high you are on. After the shirtless scene it’s pretty much down hill….kinda like going back to have sex with a childhood crush…looks better from afar but you will end up disappointed realizing it should have stayed what it was….a fantasy in your head.

      1. Ignore Tony. If you can make it through BvS and Suicide Squad, you can watch MoS. MoS isn’t bad at all. I loved it.

      2. I’ve fallen asleep several times. I’ve seen the whole movie but never one straight viewing..get my drift

      3. It wasn’t THAT bad at all. You do get to see Henry shirtless a bit. LOL
        We DIDN’T need to go the origin route again, but they did. Superman was learning about himself and his powers. The backlash from the movie is the destruction that his fights caused and the injuries/fatalities caused by it…but interestingly enough The Avengers did the same thing in their film, but nothing was said.

        You have superpowered individuals fighting in a populated area, you’re going to have destruction that follows. Instead of standing there trying to watch, you need to be running. LOL

        I liked it a lot. It was WAY better than Superman Returns, and some of the earlier Superman films. My favorite is still Superman II, but I like to think this film ups the ante with the battle between him and Zod.

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