So I Watched The “Insecure” Season 2 Premiere and Well…

i couldn’t contain myself.
all yesterday,
i was counting down until “insecure” on hbo started.
you know i love this show.
i don’t have cable so i had to wait until a stream popped up.
i ended up finding one at like 11:45pm and well…

^that is so me.
look i barely have any thoughts.
the season 2 premiere was THE SHIT.
it was funny af,
well acted,
and the writers make this show feel so real.
it’s almost like these characters are your real friends.
we know folks like this.
my only thoughts were:

how come lawrence is banging “big titty” tasha brains out,
but with issa,
it was some weak “7 minutes in heaven” type stroke?

– “big titty” tasha isn’t actually a bad character.
she likes a wolf who doesn’t see her in that way.
he enjoys fuckin’ her,
but the more he does it,
it seems like she is falling deeper for him.
she calling him “zaddy”.

she has passed “good dick” and is in a whole new dimension.
it’s a bitch to be led on,
especially when you really feeling someone heavy.

– lawrence and these sex scenes tho: 

i mean…
you know i been covering jay ellis since he was on “the game”.
we have been blessed with his oscar worthy sex scenes.

– the #lawrencehive is already acting up:



















…but i get it.

it is so interesting to hear the opinions from both sexes.
this show brings out the emotional dynamics between the two.
this is the best thing for the culture.
i love when black folks can all come together and discuss.
it makes me feel all tingly inside.
i cannot wait to see what the rest of the season brings.

lowkey: i’m trying to figure out if lawrence should get back with issa.
we always wants something back when we fuck up and lose it…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

23 thoughts on “So I Watched The “Insecure” Season 2 Premiere and Well…”

  1. Too bad Jay Ellis only likes white girls in real life though 🙄. I’m obsessed with this show and the season 2 premiere was bomb. I’m going to need the blood dude in like every episode though lol (bompton, bute, bonnect) lol!

    1. @Disney

      I read a little of Jay Ellis’ background. He was what they call a military brat. He attended 12 different schools in 12 years. And when he became highschool age, his family settled in Oklahoma. He played sports to fit in and he dabbled in modeling for a bit.

      I saw all of that to say, Jay was mostly a product of his environment. Military kid, mostly interracial environments, and lots of home life on Military Bases for families. Yes, I’m going easy on him for his sexual and ethnic choices, but imagine if someone was trying to judge me for mine?

      I’d say fuck them!

  2. Jay Ellis is fine and a TV sex symbol even though he a nerd in real As much as I love the show though Jamari….this is what I wish.

    Jamari, I wish that a show like this was made for and about Black LGBT men. The same interactions and sex scenes. As much as I’m excited for Black representation, sadly, our representation could be a lot more stronger. As a fellow wrote, I feel strong for a show that centers around Black LGBT men on this level. We get it from our fair skinned counterpoints. Why is it so hard from us to progress past the webseries era? In any case, Go Issa, you a cutie and Jay Ellis is a fine piece of chocolate…His snow vixen girlfriend looks cute too

    1. ^i wish!!!!!

      the show would have to have a strong story line.
      “insecure” works because it feels so real.
      it deals with issues in dating,
      and insecurities.

      1. @ Jammy

        Sure, it would be fun to watch a show involving relationships featuring Black Gay men and women…..oh wait, it’s already been attempted and it’s been a mostly a fail.

        Why? Because Black Gay men are disfunctional! (myself included). We are distrusting, mostly closeted, and have few role models to look towards. How can Television or Film portray our lives without making us feel even for jaded and disillusioned?

        So here we are, you me and every Black gay man who’s enjoyed this show feeling lonely and left out because our lives don’t feel as dynamic as these fictional heterosexual characters on television.

      2. There’s gotta be some hope out Heteros are just as dysfunctional as gay blacks and also attribute to it a little with their oppressive views on Black Masculinity and Homosexuality. And the in hatred Blacks Gays sham against each other within the community. A well written show would work out fine if it was written properly. Most of the shows I’ve seen have been nothing but soft core porn with a bow on it. Shows like DL Chronicles was an interesting series and was heading in the right direction but mysteriously disappeared, even to a degree, Noah’s Arc was interesting in a fantasy like soap opera way but not what I’m talking about.

        The majority of Gay Black shows today are loaded with sex and silly plots with the sex scenes taking over the show.

        But I’m talking about major networks picking up shows…like HBO, Showtime and even The Max. Like how HBO did Looking where the white bruthas are just as dysfunctional and meh. We have nothing like Queer as Follows or the L word…

        If we had a show that focused on the LGBT experience like real people, A Black gay graduate, a bi sexual successful Black Business man, one in the military…or something that lasted and was not a side story and these characters connected.

        Just shows that show real folks dealing with real experiences and not shallow concepts followed by a 4 minute sex scene. 😓

        I’m a writer but I am moreso towards the SciFi/fantasy scene but the thought is tempting to come up with something cohesive for the black LGBT community in the light of shows like Insecure and the like.

        Maybe this is something Jamari can tackle too?

    2. I wish the same Jammy, the closest ones we had were Noah’s arc and the DL chronicles and while they were great at the time and will classics for me they are outdated. Web series have been a no for me because I either can’t get into the storyline, can’t believe the acting (because they hire either actors in porn or popular gays on IG who don’t come off real), or they only film in like 3 places over and over again because of the budget.

      I would love a show like insecure for black LGBT , maybe one day (when jamari pitches the idea to a network.)

      1. The Arthouse produces series like what you’re describing, made-for-TV series. Check out ‘Miles + Cal’, ‘A Beautiful Cruel Thing’ and ‘Red Skin’ at

        The problem is that lgbt blogs ignore the good and intelligent series made by The Arthouse TV but highlights the ones that focus solely on the sex, yet still complain about the stereotype.

        There’s just no winning with the gays. Check out:

  3. love this show I was so excited for it to comeback. You can definitely see the come up this season, everyone looked so good from Issa to molly and the whole crew.

    – Lawrence and Tasha’s sex scenes get me each and every time both of their bodies are sexy af

    -Love the music choices for this episode

    -Is it me or when Issa was browsing the dating app every pineapple she swiped was fine AF?

    – Their friend Tiffany and that blood that lives in Issa’a complex were the comedy highlights this episode.

    -Everything about Molly’s look when they were working out was a yes for me, head to toe.

    -kinda giving Lawrence the side eye for taking fucking Tasha so long and not taking her anywhere until after his friend brings it to his attention.

    While I do see Issa and Lawrence getting back together I hope it’s not for awhile I wanna see Issa date other guys.

    1. ^”kinda giving Lawrence the side eye for taking fucking Tasha so long and not taking her anywhere until after his friend brings it to his attention.”

      that shit is so real!
      wolves be out here fuckin your brains out and okay with eating a tv dinner together.
      might not be eating that tv dinner LOL

  4. Yes last night episode was so great, those sex scenes was on fire, and I want to see more of them. The girl playing Molly acting has been giving me Toni Childs teas from “Girlfriends” and I’m here for it. Thanks Jamari because you put me on to this show. I love it, and I want to see more of Issa brother since he is one of us I think.

    1. @Eric

      See, now you went and brought up Girlfriends 😢.
      Everytime I watched that show, I wanted my very own small group of closely knit gay friends who all loved each other.

      Well I had it to some degree but fast forward years later, after betrayals, envy and sabotage, none of those old friends are around.

      * wipes tear away*

      lol But anyhoo, yeah, I get Toni Childs everytime I see her in her office, except only Toni Childs can do Toni Childs 😗

  5. So glad this show is back. This show and Claws have my Sunday nights on lock for the rest of the summer.

  6. To y’all who want more LGBT m4m action, my gut tells me we may see more of Issa’s brother and her friend’s lite brite metrosexual boyfriend together in the future. This show is everything though I can’t wait for next Sunday!

  7. 😆 I keep going back to the scene with Ms. Trudy at the mailbox.

    Forward: 13 minutes 20 seconds

    Ms. Trudy: “bitch you bettah get the fuck off my mail”


  8. I have yet to watch Season 1. DTV had a promotional weekend and had a marathon of it. So, I recorded the 1st season. Just have to take the time to binge watch it. And will watch the 2nd via my friend’s DTV account. lol

  9. Sooooo….ain’t nobody gonna mention Issa in the mirror tho? She keep me cracking up with her “between me and myself” moments. Her and Kelly be having me rolling. And I love her relationship with Molly. But Jamari, you hit the nail on the head about it feeling real.
    It’s not super extravagant or out there, the plot situations aren’t overly complex or radical. It’s good to have a show, a black show at that, that’s just plain entertaining and well written to resonate with its audience.

    Oh, and my man Lawrence just knocked the sexual tension out with the “I just want my nutt” stroke of 2017. TBH I don’t even blame him tho

  10. One of the writers on the show Ben Corey Jones just referenced an article The Advocate did about his Issa’s brother,Ahmal played by Jean Elie on the show.The article talks about “code switching”. How the brother said,”What’s up” when he spoke to the straight guy but his voice went up several octaves when he greeted one of the vixens,Tiffany played by Amanda Seales.Also how he shaded Keli (talking about her coat)

    It’s funny when I think of code switching I have always thought about how many black people talk differently in all black settings vs mixed race settings.I have never thought about it this way before.Interesting
    I am happy they added a gay character to the show.

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