GNC: Buy One; Get His Number Free of Charge

i was feeling lit this afternoon.
it was stemming from:

“insecure” on hbo
  the great interview i had this morning

as i was walking to go home,
something told me to stop into gnc for multivitamins.
that’s where i saw him.

brown skin
sexy af

…of pure masculine gym wolf working behind the counter.
his biceps in his fitted polo shirt>>>>

of course,
he could be straight so i just kept him as eye candy.

“can i help you with something?” he asked.

“i’m just looking for multivitamins.
i need some with energy.”

so he grabbed the “sport” and gave it to me.
so when i got to the register,
he asked:

“do you come here a lot?”

but i’d love to cum for you a lot.

“not really.”

i thought you were coming for supplements or anything.”

i don’t work out,
but i am looking for a trainer.”

i can’t even afford the word “trainer” right now,
but i wanted to see where this was going.

“how much are you willing to pay?”

i kid.

“it all depends really.”

“i got friends who are trainers so…”

“do you have a card?”

he said no,
but proceeded to write his number on a piece of paper.
he came off kinda nervous since his colleagues were around.

“i’ll text you my number.” i said before i left.

“okay cool.”

when i got home,
i looked at the paper,
but i can’t really figure out if it’s “8”s or “2”s.
his writing is “chicken scratch city”,
and that’s not hate because mine is as well,
but i do want to text him.
i’m not really looking for a trainer right now,
but i want him to remember who i am.
i don’t know what to say in the intro text tho.
hopefully he gets down because i’d really love some protein.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “GNC: Buy One; Get His Number Free of Charge”

  1. LOL this is cute… but keep this in mind. Most guys like him probably get lowkey flirtation from other customers all the time. Especially health nuts and gym rat types who may wander into the store. I think he knows if someone is serious about hiring a personal trainer versus just trying to see him naked 😗. But I don’t blame you for the thirst. The last time I visited a GNC in the mall there was this tall racially ambiguous looking dude with khaki pants that hugged his muscled ass like a glove…. baby I forgot what I went in there for.

    Btw, I stopped buying GNC’s overpriced vitamins years ago. A good B12 and 50mg Zinc from Walmart or CVS is just as effective.

  2. That’s a hard one I mean high five for you for trying it but since you said you were looking for a trainer I feel like if you move the convo to anything but that he’s gonna think you’re wasting his time with some ulterior motives. BUT since he’s said he has some friends who are trainers he won’t be the one doing it so maybe there is a chance for it to work in your favor.

    If for nothing else you got somebody tot talk to when you go the GNC lol

  3. Awww, so glad to see you kinda/sorta/maybe flirting. Take a chance. Go on and text that sexy muthafucka. If he doesn’t bite you never have to go near that GNC again..

  4. Good for you? Did you get his name? If so, call that GNC, talk with him and make sure that you have the correct telephone number. By the way, you should have checked to make sure that his name and number are legible before leaving that GNC.

  5. This is how to stalk him to see if he gets down or not: Go to Facebook, and put in his number in the search field. If he hasn’t disabled this setting, he might show up in the results, and if his page isn’t on lockdown, you’ll get a good idea if he is a wolf or not. Also, add him as a contact in your phone, and open Instagram>Your Profile>Options, and enable the option to allow Instagram to see if your contacts also have IG pages. If his IG not locked, check who he follows, and you can tell if he gets down. These two options may or may not work, but if one of them does, you’ll have a concrete answer one way or the other. It’s worked for me and saved me some embarrassment from trying to pick up a fox who turned out to be straight, but it has also gotten my the best bussy of my life. Hope this works out. I’ve been a foxhole member from the beginning of this blog Jamari, and I (along with everyone else) just want to see you happy, healthy, wealthy, and with the Fox of your dreams 🙂

    1. ^thank you rashad!
      i appreciate the well wishes!

      i will follow your advice.
      the problem is one number is hard to figure out.
      i texted numbers i thought was the right combo.
      we shall see.

  6. I say go for it, what do you have to lose. You deserve some companionship, and especially from a wolf that you find attractive. Please keep us updated with this one. This would be something if you land a job this week also while finding a potential boo. I’m here for it, and can’t wait to hear the juicy details.

      1. Make sure you write a follow-up entry to let everyone know how this plays out once you get the right number

  7. “hopefully he gets down because i’d really love some protein.”Jamari you are so nasty. And, Im nasty along with you! lol

  8. hmm… chicken scratch writing to me spells, quickly jot down those digits before he supervisor finds him soliciting service. This is another gay gathering place to meet potentials. Hell, once you leave heading to the exit door only to extend it to another patron and think nothing at the moment but realize he glanced at you in the eye and walk away a few feet only to see he’s still looking at you. This happened to me at Fed Ex Kinko’s by the way. Another reason why I need to put an end to Jack’d.

  9. Go back and tell him you couldn’t make out the numbers. Or text all combinations and ask If it’s “Jay ” or whatever name he gave you. Then tell him you can’t really afford a trainer but maybe he can give you some pointers.

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