So I Finally Watched “Batman VS Superman” and Well…

after ( x that discussion ) about “batman vs superman”,
i decided to watch it today.
i went from “eh” to “intrigued” by all the comments.
so i watched the “ultimate edition” version.
that was like 3 hours long and well…

…it was just cool.
i don’t understand why batman and superman were fighting each other.
did i even understand their own sub plots?
like everyone said,
the action scenes about the last hour were epic af.
batman was really fuckin’ superman up.
again: why were they even fighting?
i loved when:

…showed up in costume.
i got chills the whole time she was on screen tbh.
i appreciated this as well:

is it wrong…
to say…
i want my wolf to have a “henry cavill/superman” bawdy,

along with my other qualifications for him?
okay good.
i will admit to the foxhole that i cried with what happened to superman.

i did like one of the messages in the movie tho.
one of the reasons i cried.
superman and batman are the good ones,
but no matter how good and helpful they were,
the world still questioned their motives.
it was almost like everyone takes them for granted.
even in the end,
superman gave up his life to protect everyone.
even wonder woman walked away from our ungrateful asses.
that was the part i found sad af.
even super heros are thrown under the bus.
i hope superman isn’t like legit dead tho.
that confuses me about “justice league” and his role in it.

lowkey: batman definitely couldn’t kill doomsday by himself.
he would have gotten completely washed.

ben affleck did a good job.
i will admit that to the foxhole.

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17 thoughts on “So I Finally Watched “Batman VS Superman” and Well…”

  1. It made me smile when I read that you cried while watching the film. 🙂

    BvS was based on several storylines within the DC comics. Frank Miller’s graphic novel was one of them, and the Death of Superman story was the other. Those familiar with those backstory arcs fully expected the events of BvS. Having said that, the film had its issues. It was poorly edited, and lacked a cohesive examination of its characters’ motivations. Namely Batman and Lex Luthor. Their hatred towards Superman was arbitrary and lacked depth. I think Zack Synder is a brilliant director. This is the guy who gave us The Watchmen and films like 300. Both were classics in cinematic storytelling and visual decadence.

    If you haven’t seen it, I suggest watching Man of Steel for your next homework assignment. It’s the better movie of the two in my view.

    1. ^i still don’t understand why even kill off superman if he is the leader of the “justice leauge” group.
      they should have killed him off in his own movie.

      1. @Jamari

        He will be resurrected in Justice League. He’s a Kryptonian which means his heart rate will slow to a cripple when his body is under extreme stress. This allows for his body to repair itself. Yeah, it’s some comic book bullshtt but it is part of the comicbook storyline that BvS is partially based upon.

        Check this clip out when you find a moment

        Superman’s Death

        Comic Hero geeks like me never batted an eye when Superman died in BvS because we knew he wasn’t really dead. His heart rate just slowed to an nearly undetectable rate.

        He will return in Justice League

          1. this might be me looking to deep,
            but if wonder woman is the strongest of all two,
            why didn’t she stab doomsday with the spear?

            i hope wonder woman doesn’t die!!!

    2. @bllackpegasus…he was supposed to watch Man of Steel before watching BvS. LOL

      I agree it was poorly edited, but the Ultimate Edition DVD made up for that by adding the cut/edited scenes, which gave you a more cohesive film than the theatrical version. Batman’s hatred stemmed from the loss of his employees when the building collapsed, but I’m honestly at a loss as to why Luthor hated him since this was our first time meeting him. If they had any interaction it wasn’t mentioned, and I’ve watched the film a few times.

  2. I agreed w/ your points ww stole the show henry cavill has BAWWDDY!!! and I enjoyed Ben as Bruce wayne.

    I didn’t hate the story but I didn’t love it, it felt off tbh and yes Lex was horrible I am still very disappointed w/ that choice.

  3. Glad you gave it a shot, is it perfect? No but it wasn’t a murder of a film.

    – yes WW stole the movie, even when she wasn’t in costume I was glued to her scenes.

    – the choice to have that actor to play lex wasn’t a great one, his scenes came off cartoonish sometimes.

    -Henery is fine from head to toe, and those eyes are breath taking.

    – Ben’s Batman was great I like that he was a seasoned batman and has been through stuff they hinted at in this movie. I hope the solo bat film goes into detail over that.

  4. Glad you enjoyed it somewhat.

    They fought because Batman blamed the deaths of his employees at his Wayne Enterprises Metropolis headquarters on Superman. He feared that Superman would go rogue because he was so powerful, not realizing Superman was really fighting against Zod to save the planet. He echoed the sentiment that the government/military feared. Some people saw him as a God/Savior, while others saw him a a potential threat.
    He learned the hard way that it wasn’t true…and Luthor played them all. Fucked up that he had all of those people killed to make a useless point…other than to have them fight one another.

    One thing that annoyed me about the new direction of these superhero films is how easily everyone’s identity is found out. Batman, Superman, Spider-Man,etc.

    Henry Cavill’s body is the truth in these movies. Damn, that is one good looking man!!

    1. ^that is the part that confused me.
      thank you for the breakdown c.
      i felt it was way too much for them to fight.

      so why did he kidnap his mother?

      1. to make sure superman fought back. he would only release his mother if superman won. he used her as leverage.

  5. Glad you watched it and enjoyed it. Yes, the storytelling was disjointed, but it wasn’t horrible as everyone made it out to be. I do agree with you in how it showed that even superheroes aren’t appreciated for all they do. I think people just expected it to be like the Marvel films, which I’m glad it wasn’t, and lead to the massive backlash of the film.

  6. hey jamari, i wanna send u something u may be interested in but when i click the contact tab it takes me to an error rapidgator page. 🙁

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