“A Little Advertising” Starring Milan Christopher

i mean,
when is he not?
so milan christopher is showing off his best asset.
this time,
it’s from the back.
he decided to show off his new undies for the gram…

are his bunz real?
it has that “inflated booty cheeks” curvage from that side view.
either way,
i cannot WAIT for his memoirs.
he is going to go out with a bang.
i can feel it.

lowkey: we don’t need to see his face anymore.
chest down just gets to the good stuff.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on ““A Little Advertising” Starring Milan Christopher”

  1. I want some Sir. Miles Brock leakage! I wanna see what he was dropping off in Milan to make him act so damn cray cray

  2. I swear Milan is looking for someone to dick him down real good so he don’t have to be a thot all day.

  3. Well if you are going to show your body might as well do an advertisement. I do enjoy seeing his body.

  4. Enough about him…😒…let’s talk about Jay Ellis in the latest episode of Insecure…Yes lawd..😌

  5. Milan is such a piss poor public representation of the gay black male. He is disgusting & I really hope that LGBT blogs owned and operated by reputable gay black men would stop posting about him.

    1. Finally, someone says it!!! Only praised because of nudity… They already thank most of us are Mighty Morphin Power Thots. We quite of few us are talented singers, artists, actors, directors..etc

    2. How milan is a poor represatation of the LGBT community? At best he’s a poor representation of himself that’s it. And then again, i don’t see him doing anaything different than a lot of str8 gay. Actually most of these attentionisto always naked on the gram are str8. And yall here lusting over them. So why it’s different with him?

  6. lets get those GIFS of Jay Ellis from last night’s season 2 premiere of INSECURE! he had about 2 really enticing sex scenes where he had those cinnamon brown cakes on FULL DISPLAY!

    1. That’s what I was thinking the whole time. His legs don’t match his ass at all for it to be natural and he doesn’t enough muscle development from exercising either.

  7. Yep fake, it looks smashable, but a little off. I can’t wait for the trend of ill proportioned asses passes. If you don’t want to put in the leg work then don’t for a large when you get your ass done.

  8. The fact that everybody think that Milan is doing this for attention. I don’t even like Millan but I know this is his Job he’s a model for a reason he going to promote these type of things.

  9. Milan is too old to be seeking THIS much attention. I will admit, he is physically attractive, but his character often is in question because of his personality and attention seeking ways. At what age does it end for these people? What happens when the looks fade?

  10. Glad to see that most commenters have caught the drift already. He is a one trick pony and an attention whore. And YES he does perpetuate the stereotype that all gay men think about is sex. He is not a role model nor is he the “Kim Kardashian” (wtf?) of the “community” like some of y’all are trying to get across. I just see desperation.

  11. Is Milan a attention whore? Sure but why it’s only a problem when they’re gay? All of sudden they’re bad representation of the gay community. They’re somehow held to a higher standard. That’s whole blog is full of naked, attention seeking, thrist trapping straight men and yall praise them and their body: ramses, flashman wade to name few of them who just like milan love to advertise their ass. Yall never said they’re poor representation of the straight communty nor that they’re perpetuating a certain stereotype. But let him be gay and he’s just the antichrist. The real problem is gay people just love bashing gay people.

    You don’t like milan for what he’s doing? Fine, that’s your right but be consistent with your outrage. You cannot lust over a straight man doing something and then bashing a gay man for doing the exact same thing. There still continues to exist a variable geometry capacity for indignation that baffles me. It’s almost internalized homophobia

    And for the record one gay person doing something is not a reason for a stereotype, no, the only reason is narrow minded people who see one person and wanna think everybody who look like that person act the same. Milan doesn’t have to change for straight people to see gay people in a different way.

    He’s not milan fault if people think all gay people are promiscuous, milan only represent himself. I personally don’t like the way he’s doing it but then again that’s not my business anyway.

  12. Milan just did an interview with TMZ he says that nude photoshoot helped him get a TV show.An investor contacted him and they start filming next week in LA.It’s tentatively called “On the Road with Milan”.It follows him when he is on the road appearing at clubs,performing also it follows his love life,dating,etc.
    So we will see.

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