Ben Affleck Might Be Giving Back His “Batman” Cape

my spirit won’t let me watch the “batman vs superman” movie.
i’m just not feelin it for some reason.
i love batman,
but i just don’t feel like ben affleck will do it justice for me.
this is all in my head.
well rumor has it today,
ben may not be returning to reprise his role as batman.
this is what the a.v. club had to say…

Given that it’s a team-up between one of the world’s most popular actors, and one of its most beloved superheroes, Warner Bros.’ Ben Affleck/Batman sub-franchise has gotten off to a shockingly rocky start. Although Affleck seemed comfortable enough in the part in Batman V. Superman—and even agreed to some light cameo duty in Suicide Squadtrouble has continued to plague the standalone film version of The Batman for months now. First, Affleck opted out of directing the movie, and, when the film finally did find someone to helm it—Planet Of The Apes mastermind Matt Reeves—he ended up tossing the script Affleck had written for it.

Back in February, rumors started circulating that Affleck wanted out of the part, and it’s starting to sound like the feeling might be mutual. Today, The Hollywood Reporter has some speculation on Batfleck’s future fate, noting that, while Warner Bros. and Reeves have both publicly expressed their commitment to sticking with the actor, a source close to the films says the studio is looking for a way to “gracefully” remove him from the franchise. (It’s not like there aren’t multiple comic book precedents for moving Bruce Wayne out of the cape-and-cowl role.)

THR also notes that Affleck—whose next Batman role will be in Justice League, which is undergoing re-shoots after Joss Whedon took it over from Zack Snyder earlier this year—is significantly older, at 44, than the rest of his JL action movie co-stars (Jason Momoa, the second-oldest, is 37.) Meanwhile, the actor recently dropped out of Netflix’s Triple Frontier, saying he wanted to spend more time with his family. So it’s not outside the realm of possibility that actor and studio alike might be ready to start looking for an elegant—i.e., sequel-friendly—way to move him out of the part.

he can go.
he just doesn’t give me “batman”.
i didn’t even watch the “daredevil” movie he was apart of either.
i did like him playing the “cheating husband” in “gone girl” tho.
he seems to do play that role extremely well.
christian bale was great being “batman”,
but he is completely done with that role.
outside of that,
i don’t know any other actors that would do the role justice.
no pun intended.
there is always a new acting wolf who is probably dying for the part.
i’m here for that.

article cc: a.v. club

9 thoughts on “Ben Affleck Might Be Giving Back His “Batman” Cape

  1. I honestly really wanted to like this film and there were a lot of things that I did like, Ben affleck is a great bruce wayne, superman was shirtless, wonder woman, the JL introductions and the fight scene at the end all great things about the movie.

    There were also things that I really hated about the film, lex luthor’s son or whatever idk they keep changing that, the villain, it was story driven but not in the way that I believe DC can accomplish like w/ young justice the flash and etc, it felt like a lot was missing and a lot of characters were unnecessary.

    However it was worth viewing to see the character interactions I’m kind of disappointed because I really enjoyed him as bruce wayne and would have loved to see where things would go from here but guess not hopefully the next choice can give a good bruce & batman.

  2. I enjoyed BvS when I first saw it because I tend to like more story driven movies. It wasn’t without it’s flaws but I didn’t walk out feeling like I wasted my money. I feel like one of the hate the movie got was people genuinely not liking it but on the other side a lot of the hate felt like people just jumping on a bandwagon.

    Either way I liked Ben in the part but I like after the backlash it’s getting to his self confidence to do things character. He was supposed to direct the solo batman movie ( while Ben can act he’s a far better director which is why I think WB offer him the part in the first place) .
    I think he doesn’t want any of the heat if the solo batman film doesn’t go well so he backed out of directing it.

    If he wants to go he can I would rather have an actor who wants to do it.

  3. Of all the reasons Batman V. Superman sucked, Batfleck was actually one of the good things about it. I was like you and everyone else thinking that he wasn’t gonna do the role right and was pleasantly surprised that his scenes (as Batman at least) were pretty much the only thing to look forward to in the movie. The movie sucked cause it just wasn’t a good movie.

    1. ^i heard it was awful besides my thoughts on ben.
      many i spoke to said it’s only good the last 15 minutes.

      i still don’t have the urge to watch.

      1. Wonder Woman was the best thing about that film, along with the introduction of the JL characters.
        The Ultimate Edition is a much better film than the theatrical release because the cut scenes added so much more to the movie and explained things more…thanks to shitty editing on the theatrical cut.
        Affleck was dull, the tone of the film was too dark, the choice for Lex Luthor was awful…and Doomsday was a broke looking Abomination from The Incredible Hulk.

        It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t that great. The tone of the film was wrong for a Superman film. They used the tone Chris Nolan set for the Batman films for most of their movies, and when they saw that it wasn’t working after BvS, they changed it up. Superman is like the light to Batman’s dark, and it should reflect as such.

  4. Damn. Affleck nailed the Batman. He was the perfect Batman/Bruce Wayne combo. Bale’s Batman was nothing special, especially that voice

  5. Never cared for him or Christian Bale as Batman. I always considered the Chris Nolan Batman trilogy over-hyped. I thought they were OK films, but I couldn’t see what everyone was going crazy over.

  6. He’s actually a really good Batman. He fits the current theme of this Batman; seasoned, battle tested, and fully aware of his role in the heavily crime filled world. Hopefully there will be some news regarding this tomorrow at the San Deigo Comic-Con.

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