Ramses Principe “Issa Snack” Down In Cuba

so ramses principe is still doing the modelling thing heavy.
this time,
he went to cuba to do some exotic looks.
they were shot by his photographer,
zavier deangelo

i like the shots,
but i would have liked to see different pants and shoes tho.
ripped denim shorts with that wife beater would be a look.
he seems more natural in these shots:

natural or not,
he is still a snack.
i love when he is in this position:

lowkey: i loved seeing ramses back on snapchat again.
my burning loins appreciate his face.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Ramses Principe “Issa Snack” Down In Cuba”

  1. That chest is sick! Do you see how it protrudes when he’s lying on his back?
    He looks good in the shots down in Cuba, but the shot of him in the black shirt holding the cap in his hand is the one I like best…and that’s not from the shoot.

  2. I like a wolf that can switch it up in the style department, I liked the pics but the pics withhe black hat does him more justice on the sex appeal font.

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