Ramses Principe “Issa Snack” Down In Cuba

so ramses principe is still doing the modelling thing heavy.
this time,
he went to cuba to do some exotic looks.
they were shot by his photographer,
zavier deangelo
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Ray Edwards Strips Down… For His Big Print

Ray has been a favorite in the Foxhole for quite a while.
We like Ray and his wonderful see thru manties he teased us with last year.
Yes Ray, we wanted more of that…

Anyway, Ray has a surprise for everyone.

TMZ … Take it away…

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This Is Getting Ridiculous.

Small dick?
Dick curves to the left?
Nasty feet?
Smelly feet?
Can’t fuck?
Fucking too much?
Something HAS GOT to be wrong with him.

Would it be wrong to say…
that when I saw that picture,
all I could see in my mind was me riding him…
literally gripping onto his thighs as I work him in nice and deep?

I said it.