This Is Getting Ridiculous.

Small dick?
Dick curves to the left?
Nasty feet?
Smelly feet?
Can’t fuck?
Fucking too much?
Something HAS GOT to be wrong with him.

Would it be wrong to say…
that when I saw that picture,
all I could see in my mind was me riding him…
literally gripping onto his thighs as I work him in nice and deep?

I said it.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “This Is Getting Ridiculous.”

  1. I didn’t know if you saw this picture yet or not. I INSTANTLY made it the default of my LIFE… (not just my phone or computer). What could be wrong with him? He’s heterosexual. That’s what. Do you see all the Louis Vuitton he’s wearing? Thats the next best thing to seeing him completely naked. I’m not into nipples either but… there’s something about them…

    1. That is the first thing I noticed in the picture. His beautifully shaped nipples. He does things to me. I dunno – I think he is my “perfect man” as far as looks. I am always attracted to dudes who have a similar look. He is like a dream come to life. Some women think he is just “ok” but he makes me hard just thinking about him.

      1. He’s the ideal man come to life. He’s absolutely beautiful. I get mad and anyone who says he’s “okay.” I attribute that opinion to them being lesbians (male or female). ‘You think he’s just okay?…Well thats because you like GIRLS! That is a M-A-N.’

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