Hello. Good Morning.

I LOVE my fellow Foxes and a few Wolves
who keep me updated thru emails.
Thank you.

I awoke this morning to a rainy type of day but as soon as I saw this human Hershey bar,
it was like the sun beemed right on me….

Look at those pecs!

This is Dez Bryant.
You have met before.

Thank your fellow Fox, Jerrell, for these exclusive shots.

I had to do a quickie this morning over these pictures.
As soon as I opened my eyes,
I was greeted to this on my Foxberry.

Jerrell, I do want MORE.

I also have to thank KDan,
a Wolf who keeps me pretty updated on alot of things.

And everyone else,
I see you too and reply as soon as I can.

Thank you guys for making life so much more… pleasurable.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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