i wonder if byron perkins manz was allowed on set for this photo shoot?

i know some of ya’ll don’t like byron perkins.
i get it.
he is a handsome pre-baller wolf and his boyfriend is white.
not only is he white,
he’s chubby and not exactly a brad pitt clone.
“you could find his boyfriend at the walmart”.

That made me wonder what if he was Brad Pitt’s clone?
Would this even be a conversation?

a foxholer sent me bryon’s photoshoot pics

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Some Of “Them” Call Us “Niggers” Behind Our Backs

life can come at you fast.
i try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt,
including the snow animals.
i don’t want to be that one who thinks they are all racist.
you just never know.
well this baby baller wolf named ty,
who goes by “7” on twitter,
learned a valuable lesson in who his friends are.
with the new ios 11,
you are able to record what’s on your screen.
someone screen recorded his “friends” and well…
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Fluffy-Vanilla-Cake-e1338121534426who wants a helpin’ of vanilla cakes?
well this is one from what appears to be a (pre)baller wolf
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Thomas Q. Jones: The Ultimate Cutty Buddy?

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 11.10.52 PMthomas q. jones is what you call “platinum pipe”.
i remember him from when he was a baller wolf on the ny jets.
he also use to date meagan good before she got married.
well he made his acting debut on “being mary jane” tonight.
he was her “cutty buddy” aka “11pm to 3am entertainment”.
he was also naked and his bawwwdy was on fleek overdrive.
lets get into a quick dossier of thomas…
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A Double Cup of Joe

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 9.04.55 PMwell here is a double cup of joe.
“big papa penis” baller wolf joe anderson.
“lil’ wolf with a big boy body” joe warren.
big joe has was last playing for the eagles,
but sadly he was cut.
lil joe is a model and personal trainer.
well they are both “brother wolves in christ”.
well just look at god…
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Cedrick Wilcox Does “Mugshot” and “Body” Well

10363513_1544560892437748_7400199084287229233_ndo you remember him?
well i do.
( x here is a reminder )
i could not forget and i wanted more.
not a lot of readers liked him tho.
well what a coinky dink one of my f-bi wanted to give me a refresher.
i love my f-bi.
everyone meet cedrick wilcox
(god i had a couple good “cox” jokes just rushed to my head)…
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