Cedrick Wilcox Does “Mugshot” and “Body” Well

10363513_1544560892437748_7400199084287229233_ndo you remember him?
well i do.
( x here is a reminder )
i could not forget and i wanted more.
not a lot of readers liked him tho.
well what a coinky dink one of my f-bi wanted to give me a refresher.
i love my f-bi.
everyone meet cedrick wilcox
(god i had a couple good “cox” jokes just rushed to my head)…

mug-shot-121709581well that’s cedrick’s ratchet side and even more on google.
besides him being a part time jailbird,
he has a potential in “model”,
“fitness trainer”,
and “pre baller wolf”.
yes he plays/played football.
cedrick’s dossier includes:

born: west palm beach, florida
college: univ. of north alabama
position: line backer

do you see all that meat?
i also have a video:

omg…tumblr_inline_nbp72mznZ51rz5l22his modeling portfolio is even better:

tumblr_nbp1n7kq2j1tihme8o1_500i would have a hard time,
like a very hard time,
trying not to let him smash and then swallowing his load.

like i’m having a hard time right now.
imagine if he got down and was in my house right now?
i’d break my damn bed ridin’ him.

either way,
he has a beautiful daughter,
which i’m sure is attached to a baby mama of some sort.
you know how that usually goes.
good luck on your future endeavors cedrick!
stay yo ass out of trouble as well.
you are too pretty for jail.

picture source: true image photography | don marciano photography

24 thoughts on “Cedrick Wilcox Does “Mugshot” and “Body” Well

    1. ^he is straight until proven gay!
      im not gonna assume he is anything.
      now if he happens to be down with the people,
      is like a sample of that meat ASAP!

  1. Nice modeling pics, but yea…..I still don’t feel anything with this one. He just doesn’t do it for me. His face is just…idk lol.

      1. Well, I do prefer my guys to be a lil more harder in the face, and I just don’t think he is that cute lol.

      1. lol. I don’t know why you are shocked. You have posted this man several times and I’ve felt the same as I do now lol.

      1. ^i want to know why he has all these mug shots.
        that let’s us know he isn’t perfect.
        he does strike me as “try anything once”.

        can I be the one he tries it once with?

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