she told him to stop, but he thought rape might have been better (allegedly fonting)

don’t they ever learn?
some males don’t realize that “no means no”.
they get so blinded by lust and that massive hard on,
they forget their lives and careers can be taken away in a second.
that would be the alleged story of bench warming pre baller wolf for lsu,
tae provens.
his massive hard on blinded him into some rape charges via “the advocate“…
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i wish my parents bribed me into school and popularity too

often times,
i’ll ask my friends what would it be like to be a trust fund cub?
be born into the 1% life?
i usually ask this when i’m fed up with my job or current life situation.
it’s a fantasy that involves my parents getting me farther.
i didn’t earn it through hard work.
it was handed to me because my parents had the means to do so.
you know what sucks?…

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Nicki Minaj Gets An Easy “A”… From Jesus

i want to mention a positive nicki minaj story that happened.
i mention all the dumb shit she does to the foxhole,
but this was actually a really nice and strategic gesture.
don’t look at me like that.
so as you know,
nicki minaj has a ton of fans she calls “barbz”.
well she randomly set up a contest this weekend about their education.
this is what she asked for the barbz to do via twitter
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“Mikey Sam Has A Big Butt”

SamKissthat was the first thought i had watching the mikey sam documentary.
the one that came on own last night.
when i finished watching both the documentary and oprah’s prime,
i was left with a few other thoughts that led me to my conclusion

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Cedrick Wilcox Does “Mugshot” and “Body” Well

10363513_1544560892437748_7400199084287229233_ndo you remember him?
well i do.
( x here is a reminder )
i could not forget and i wanted more.
not a lot of readers liked him tho.
well what a coinky dink one of my f-bi wanted to give me a refresher.
i love my f-bi.
everyone meet cedrick wilcox
(god i had a couple good “cox” jokes just rushed to my head)…
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You Should Write This Pre-Baller Wolf’s Paper (He Is Beggin!)

tumblr_n2uociImtQ1r78dgto4_250tumblr_n2uociImtQ1r78dgto5_250lawd knows i love me a baller wolf.
lord knows i do.
its no secret when they are pre baller wolves in college,
they usually get special privileges especially when it comes to classes.
i’m sure a majority have gotten by due to their talent.
why work when the nerd or gay guy can do it for em?
well mary willingham,
a student advisor at unc at chapel hill,
went rogue and is exposing the college for passing illiterate athletes.
she claims some of them take “paper classes”,
where they aren’t required to attend and one paper is graded per semester.
well this paper that was written by a pre-baller footballer wolf,
one from a semester’s worth of work,
she produced from a dossier that got an “a-“

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