i wish my parents bribed me into school and popularity too

often times,
i’ll ask my friends what would it be like to be a trust fund cub?
be born into the 1% life?
i usually ask this when i’m fed up with my job or current life situation.
it’s a fantasy that involves my parents getting me farther.
i didn’t earn it through hard work.
it was handed to me because my parents had the means to do so.
you know what sucks?…

that in this huge forest,
black folks have to work ten times harder to get anywhere in life.
the richer white folks just have to cheat,
and scheme to get ahead.
i’ve heard of rich parents doing their cubs homework.
they will pull every reference to get their cubs into anything.
it’s almost defeating,
but it definitely gives us more character as we climb our mountains.

we see the effects of these spoiled brats in the working world.
i don’t know about where you live,
but in new yawk,
i see the entitled spawns fuckin’ up jobs left and right.
they come in with these grand degrees and don’t know how to do shit.
i betchu they’ll be turned tf up at a happy hour tho.
their college experience was just a party and fuck fest anyway.
we have to deal with their mediocrity as they climb the corporate ladder.
they’re white and rich.
i had to wonder…

Do rich black parents scheme for their cubs in the same way?

i’m glad this was all exposed today tho.
the shocking part is it involved two actresses i’d never suspect.

lynette scavo (felicity hoffman) from “desperate housewives”
aunt becky (lori loughlin) from “full house”

they are currently dragging olivia jade,
lori’s daughter,
all over her instagram as we font.
she’s a vlogger who spent more time traveling and:

see the dragging: instagram

this all shed light on something that we all knew was happening.
the rich whites will always get farther than the rest of us.
their offspring will benefit simply because they can.
that is until the f-bi drags their parents to jail.
the whole narrative will change then.

lowkey: even though there are males on the list,
this is such a rich snow vixen crime,
isn’t it?

15 thoughts on “i wish my parents bribed me into school and popularity too

  1. This made me feel even more proud of the scholarships and accolades I have received. I am making it where once they said, “White Only”! Seethe snow bunnies!

  2. This is stupid. If I had that kind of money, NO ONE’S going to college. I’m rich rich, if you wanna go to college it’ll be because you just have a thirst for knowledge, and you’ll get a scholarship. We not wasting millions.

  3. Unfortunately Jamari this is nothing new rich people black and white alike have literally brought their lives and have been getting away with it for years this is the rich and famous dirty lil secret and people have to understand that this goes beyond being rich it’s about maintaining their level status and prestige and being able to network with other people like them within their social hierarchy it’s just their way of life it’s sad that some people are willing to almost sell their souls to maintain status and it truly speaks to how social status is everything for most people here in America.

    1. I work with the kids of a lot of wealthy celebrities and many of them are insufferable! Entitled, yet insecure as fuck. The majority of them are worthless and that’s where their insecurity stems from.
      Their entire sense of self is based on their families wealth.

      1. ^and that’s sad because they are being pushed while others are getting pushed out.
        i don’t get mad when rich folks want to travel and flaunt their money around.
        so ahead.
        when they are taking seats away from those qualified,
        that’s when i have an issue.
        you see olivia jade didn’t even know much about usc 😂

    2. ^is it wrong to say i don’t know of many regular rich black folks outside of celebs like obama,
      and oprah?
      i hope that doesn’t sound ignorant.
      i’m most bombarded with white and “new money” wealth.

      1. I would say think of all of the Black execs out there, Black movie stars (the really successful ones), Black musicians like Diddy, etc., Black athletes who have major careers, and so on. Some of these folks have featured their families on reality shows, like Rev. Run. I’m actually happy to see that so far, no Black folks are gaming the system like these rich white people, who took their usual advantages to the next and illegal level this time.

        But these kids are basically the same as George W. Bush (a legacy at Yale), Donald Trump (got into Penn after transferring from Fordham), Jared Kushner and his siblings (his daddy gave $2.5 million to Harvard, and Jared and the brother got in, then their daddy gave more to NYU, and the sister got in there and Jared got admitted to their law school). This mediocrity, we’re told, is meritocracy. They supposedly deserve all of these advantages, privilege and entitlement, while affirmative action, which has not even existed for more than 45 years, is allegedly a huge problem.

        Meanwhile, Black people were barred from attending all the non-HBCUs in the South, in large numbers, and only admitted in small numbers to many private and public universities in the North and West, until the 1950s-1970s. Plus, going back to the 1600s-1700s, enslaved Black people built and made these universities possible (cf. Georgetown, UVa, Yale, Brown, Princeton, Alabama, etc.). All of them should be talking reparations. But when there’s any program to address the 100s of years of racism, inequality and disparity, which usually involves our Black blood, sweat and tears, it’s a problem.

        1. ^great comment tlt.
          i feel like rich blacks are harder on their offspring,
          which is why we often don’t hear about the regular ones.

          do you think this scandal will bring about a change?

  4. “Do rich black parents scheme for their cubs in the same way?”

    Yes, they do, albeit not at the same numbers or percentages as their white counterparts I’m sure.

    What really irks the shit outta me is the fact that these kids can go flaunt their mediocrity at a lesser known school they could, maybe, legitimately get into and be fine b/c their set for life for the most part and it doesn’t matter… but b/c they wanna continue chasing prestige and maintain their close proximity to power they’ll actually lie and cheat to get their meritless ass kids takin’ up spots to those of US who actually worked hard and deserve a spot…

    Michelle touched on this topic recently in her memoir:


    1. ^this whole story is really disgusting.
      how many black cubs have been kicked to the back of lists because of stuff like this?
      they all need to go to jail and those kids need to be expelled smh

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