i just wanted to do hoodrat shit with my friends (91)

ya know,
i had class clowns in my school.
i remember one named shawn.
he was in my 9th-grade history class.
or was it english?
even though he use to act up,
he was always nice to me and would show love in the hallways.
he use to always ask me for gum too.
*heart eyes when i think about it*
all the class clowns would do some dumb shit,
hold up class,
and get escorted out by security.
the class clowns of today tho…


Am I the only one who thinks that’s fucked up?

as a cub,
i’m sure i would have laughed.
i wouldn’t,
or should,
know better.
as an adult tho,
having my own life lessons,
i can see just how fucked up that was.
you can tell she was embarrassed.

i wouldn’t want to be a teacher.
i applaud those who do it.
they go through so much with these future sociopaths,
only to be compensated with peanuts.
it’s crazy just how reckless things have gotten these days.
either way,
i hope he does that same dance when he’s expelled.Β 

lowkey: my home wolf thought he could try being a class clown.
he didn’t realize his father was standing in the back of the classroom.
i heard he lit his tail up when they got home.

class clown no more.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “i just wanted to do hoodrat shit with my friends (91)”

  1. No way I could be a teacher!!! They need combat pay plus salary!!! But this kinda shit is the parents fault. Ain’t no way in hell I wouldvwo done some shit like that, my daddy would’ve fucked me up!! He put fear in us, that kid only does that kinda shit because he won’t get punished at home. He’s lucky cause one day he’ll run across the wrong one.

    1. Kids today have no respect, no filter. It does begin at home, but you have kids raising kids. Immature women that got knocked up by their irresponsible boyfriends/baby daddy’s, who are either no longer in the picture…or they just don’t know how to co-parent properly.

      I see kids letting elderly or pregnant women stand on the train/bus, while they clearly see the person but choose to ignore them. Their mouths are filthy as hell. It’s bitch/hoe/fucker/nigga with no care as to who is standing around. Disrespect my elders…my parents/grandparents would light us up!

      Nowadays if that teacher was to say or do something to that young man after doing what he did, the parent would be up in the school acting a fool trying to fight the teacher or principal. It’s scary. People will see this and fault the teacher in some way. I hope not, because we need to teach out young kids better.

  2. As a former teacher, today’s kids are little bastards and their parents are even worse. Both are the result of heterosexuals have sex for sport. 2-3 generations right here on earth marinated in wombs that didn’t want them. Mix that in with crack abuse and lead poisoning, and boom you’ve got swarms of assholes who should be the poster children for the school to prison pipeline.

  3. I have always said this…”Just because you have the eqiequipm to reproduce, doesn’t mean you should.”

    I’d been fired that day and in jail. This why kids in other countries like China and what not are so orderly.

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