jussie smollett walks like an innocent man

guess who came out of hiding today?
you guessed it.
jussie smollett.
he made his first appearance for his court date and well…

you can’t tell him he isn’t innocent.
he doesn’t have olivia pope behind him…

…but he does have mark geragos on his side,
who happens to be chris brown’s lawyer.
i like to think of mark as a “voodoo priest”.
whatever magic he does keeps chris out of jail.
i’m sure it will be the same for jussie.

today was just a court hearing.
jussie didn’t have to show up,
but he did.
he apparently doesn’t want to be an observer.
according to “apnews”:

Attorney Tina Glandian made the comments during a brief hearing Tuesday in Cook County criminal court during which both sides agreed that cameras would be allowed at the next hearing in the case, which is scheduled for Thursday. During that hearing, the case will be assigned to a trial judge who will then likely ask Smollett to enter a plea.

During the hearing, which was held after local news organizations requested that cameras be allowed in the courtroom, Judge LeRoy Martin, Jr. said that the new judge will decide whether or not to allow cameras in the courtroom during subsequent hearings and the trial.

After the hearing, Glandian told reporters that evidence has been presented against Smollett that is “demonstrably false.”

“We welcome cameras in the courtroom so that the public and the media can see the actual evidence and what we believe is the lack of evidence against Mr. Smollett and we look forward to complete transparency and the truth coming out,” she said.

i’m interested in seeing how this goes.
his appears to be very confident.
someone maintaining their innocence must be telling the truth


article cc: apnews

pictures cc:

AP Photo/Matt Marton
Ashlee Rezin/Chicago Sun-Times via AP

9 thoughts on “jussie smollett walks like an innocent man

  1. Jussie does know how to wear a suit. I feel that Jussie is going to be found not guilty. I think its clear from the way that the state has over charged him that they are trying to force a plea deal, if Jussie doesn’t plead which at this point it looks like he won’t and continues to maintain his innocence …. Once the case actually goes to trial, I think the states case will fall apart. I feel as though most of the case the state has built against Jussie is based off of those Nigerians. Now they are going to allow cameras in the court room too, its going to become a spectacle to distract the public from the real issues that we need to be paying attention too.

  2. Ok I guess I’m the only one who found his muscle thick bodyguard sexy as hell! 🤷🏿‍♂️

    1. I know, right? He was wearing the F out that fitted gray coat and featuring those mirror-lens sunglasses. I just wish he had never gotten himself mixed up in this mess, and that we’d learned about the hot Nigerian-American muscle wolves because of something much more positive.

  3. Whether he’s guilty or not Mark G. is going to work his magic as usual and he’ll get off or some drastically reduced charge. Did Jussie look worried? No he didn’t

  4. His lips look a lot darker. I bet he’s been smoking and drinking his life away after them charges.

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