jussie smollett walks like an innocent man

guess who came out of hiding today?
you guessed it.
jussie smollett.
he made his first appearance for his court date and well…
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The Way He Rocks His Hips, Then Waves and Sip…

tumblr_mmmzk7qDqK1rqlk6jo1_500that blonde had him in the zone!
you couldn’t tell breezy wolf he wasn’t walking that cat walk.
he performed fine china at wild jam in san jose and well…

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The Snake in My Paradise

tumblr_mm6j76fLj51qaksv8o1_500today is an absolutely beautiful day.
i decided to take a walk and clear my head.
i put my headphones on and listened to amerie’s “all i have”,
r. kelly’s “r.kelly”,
and fantasia’s new one.
perfect spring albums.
i got my hair cut,
sat in the park,
had some “me” time,
went and bought some groceries,
and bought this…

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I Heart Tony Starks.

love robert downey jr.
love him playing iron man.
love his swagg.
loved this intro he did at comic con…

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