The Way He Rocks His Hips, Then Waves and Sip…

tumblr_mmmzk7qDqK1rqlk6jo1_500that blonde had him in the zone!
you couldn’t tell breezy wolf he wasn’t walking that cat walk.
he performed fine china at wild jam in san jose and well…

he was switchin’ extra hard.
get it.
get it.
was it the angle?
the angle must have made the whole performance terrible too.
do over breezy wolf.
i will give him fox points for the hip action.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “The Way He Rocks His Hips, Then Waves and Sip…”

  1. Chris did not sound too good, but he was dancing his ass off. I don’t think he was switchin, that thing connected to the back of his pants was shaking around and giving that illusion, I think, I hope lol.

    I bet he can twerk his ass off tho lol. I want him to come over here and shake that ass on me. Y’all feel me? I bet he can make that ass jiggle like jello.

  2. He was switchin hard cause you can tell from the front of his body that he was switchin from the back. Even his hand movements are becoming flamboyant. Somebody really layed the pipe in him real good and got him walking different.

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