fashionmeetzfitness meetz my foxhole

i have been wanting to font about ^this one for a minute.
3/11/19 seemed like the perfect time and on mcm too.
the foxhole doesn’t come with too much tea to make me choke.
and not in a good way.
see: (x pierre vulva ).
so i don’t know his name,
but he goes by @fashionmeetzfitness on ig.
as the wolf in my head,
i call him fmf.
 this is more of this model turned personal training wolf from ny/nj

his bawdy is an all around full course meal,
but his chest
his chest

did you see when that one pec bounced?

his nipples are perfection too.
this is him with hair:

how do you get the muscle on the side of the stomach like that?
he was thicker with the hair on his head.
i swear,
every time i see this wolf,
i lose a part of my brain.
his baller wolf  friend,
trevor reckling,
is just as fine too:

two of them foxhole.
i can’t take anymore.

lowkey: steven beck is all over his comments.
another “we worked out together” photo op on the way?

photos and video cc: fashionmeetzfitness

31 thoughts on “fashionmeetzfitness meetz my foxhole

    1. @Kareem nahh bruh, that’s not what he said. Get out of your feelings and read his comment several times to better grasp his point, it helps sometimes ya know.

    1. Me either and most of the guys that are like that are horrible in bed. I wish Jamari post average looking guys and not these muscle bounds imbeciles that use us for money or likes.

      1. ^kareem,
        no offense to you or anyone,
        but i’ll post what i find attractive.

        if i find a muscle bound guy attractive,
        he’ll get a feature.
        if i find an average guy attractive,
        he’ll get a feature as well.
        if i wake up and suddenly think godzilla is bae,
        i’ll throw him up here too.

        thank you tho!

      2. Accurate. Most of them last k personality and only go by looks alone. They can’t actually smash. There are some that will fuk you into another dimension but they usually have to compromise for being an attractive hobosexual.

  1. Chile the tea is him and trevor have been a couple for YEARS everybody knows that. They not just friends. Yall welcome.

    1. I think he’s family and someone mention that in his comments….he just liked the comment and kept it moving. Its probably an unspoken discreet vibe with him. Nothing wrong with being private about what u do sexually….hes a business man selling fitness and marketing himself aesthetically. That’s all people should be worried about.

  2. Wow I just followed him last week on IG, was wondering how I missed him all these years, I didnt realize he was the same dude with the flattop hair, I have been seeing on Tumblr for the last couple of years. I am sure his personal training is booming.

    1. Wassup bro! Always good to hear from you. It’s been a while hope all his well.

  3. Another light-skinned, tatted up, muscular personal trainer..yawn. Nothing differentiates him from the thousands of other face-less muscular bodies on instagram that all the gays devote the lust to.

    1. I was looking for this comment…I though the same exact thing when I saw him. He’s attractive, but after seeing soooo many dudes like this, you get bored…what separates him from everyone else?

      1. ^i think he’s attractive.
        he has a handsome face and his chest makes me crazy.
        i find many men attractive and he fits MY standard.

        not even just tatts and lighter skin.
        i found pierre attractive and the foxhole pretty much ruined him 😂

          1. That is true…me, Im moreso into skinny fit dudes if that makes sense. Im not a big fan of the huge biceps and big muscles (although nice to look at)…might be because Im skinny myself, so I tend to gravitate towards guys that are small like me. And then a lot of overly muscular dudes intimidate me, lol.

            Lately though, my preference for men have been asians. I work for Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore MD and I have a crush on a couple of the asian dr’s that I schedule for. And every time I mention it to one of my friends, they be like “you sure? Asians have small penises” lmao…Im like first of all, I dont know if thats true for ALL asians and secondly, even if it was, Im not big on big dicks either.

            As long as the dude Im messing with is attractive to me, he keeps me laughing and we can build and vibe off one another, Im cool. It dont take a big dick to please me. I get off more on the simple fact Im having sex with a dude Im connected with vs fucking a big dick, so hmph!

            I know, Im weird #dontjudgeme lol

      2. I’ll join the weird club DaRiUs! I’m similar. Other things matter to me these days…

  4. I’ll gon’ head and let you get this post…Id suck those nipples down. I love a man with a nice chest. I could just rub oil on it and massage it gently.

    Even though I’m not into bodybuilding muscle dudes. He’s sexy. Something about lips. I bet he eats ass or pussy real good. You can tell by his lips he is gonna devour the booty/coochie. My silly ass will grab his head and push it in all of in there. Eat it like it’s your last meal, daddy.😝

    Another thing I like is his ass. He has an actual man’s ass. Scuplted and muscular fit but not shaped like a female or anything. All male physique. The kind of ass, you can feel the muscle contract.

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