transgenders shouldn’t feel safe around other… women?

she’s pretty,
but i think she might be a little stupid.
you come here for my honesty so…
^that is trans-vixen and l’oreal spokeswoman,
munroe bergdorf.
she claims that vixens assigned “female” at birth put the fear in her.
according to “the guardian“…

Munroe Bergdorf, a British transgender model, has said she feels threatened by the attitudes of some other women.

Speaking at an annual London event organized to celebrate womanhood, she argued that some women are guilty of creating a hostile environment for transgender people.

“I don’t feel safe because of other women,” Bergdorf said to the Women of the World audience. “That’s really weighing heavily on me.”

The mixed-race former L’Oréal model also said she had “dreaded” attending the event due to the threat she detects from “cisgender” females – those women who were assigned their gender at birth.

and more in detail from “the irish examiner”:

“I want to get people to think about how this narrative is affecting the transgender members of our society.

“I need to speak about the fact that I’m a very privileged trans woman, as I have a job which puts me in a lot of privileged spaces basically.

“If I feel this way, what does my sister feel like?

“Unfortunately it’s got to do with a narrative – the trans people are a threat to cisgender women. There no statistics to show that this is the case.”

Bergdorf added that the threatening atmosphere came from women “writing articles which are having a really negative impact on trans women”.

The model said that society is in a state of “flux”, and the structures of society – including language – are meant to “uphold power”.

She said: “Words need to change to reflect the society we live in.”

ima need her to get thicker fur.
gay males have to deal with the same nonense from straight males.
how about being in fear of the males?
you know,
the ones who have beaten and killed them?

i haven’t seen anything of a vixen killing a trans vixen,
but there are plenty of reports of male hyenas who have.
that should be the biggest worry i’d feel.

lowkey: someone said that male entitlement doesn’t go away
when someone becomes a trans vixen.
i’ve noticed the trans wolves kinda just go about their day.
they don’t have the same hang ups as the vixens.

article cc: the guardian | the irish examiner

9 thoughts on “transgenders shouldn’t feel safe around other… women?

  1. Munroe is correct. I do think Jamari needs to stop posting trans topics because you truly do not understand, and as someone else said, it is amazing to me that you truly have NO understanding, even though you are homosexual and Black. Wow. Women can be extremely mean and sinister to transwomen. I have seen it time and time again. Some even conspire and plot against them. Again, the transwoman is the least protected person in the world.

  2. What Munroe said holds some truth. The cisgendered Black women of Lipstick Alley, a microcosm of the Black female experience, are very vocal about their disdain for transwomen. They believe that transwomen are “mentally ill” and out to erase them (they say the same about biracial women and light skin Black women). It reminds me of the vitriol Isis King received from her cast mates on ANTM. They love to misgender transgenders, yet they are front and center for Pose, I Am Jazz, and RuPaul’s Drag Race.

    It’s as funny as it is sad.

  3. Women are naturally catty, really ?
    And this is my problem with you jamari. When you don’t experience something you don’t even try to understand it you’re dismissive and sometimes just rude. She’s talking about something she experienced, how could you know anything about that for you to call her stupid ? Yes men have been killing trans women. But that doesn’t mean she can’t fear ciswomen too. And just because gay men have to deal with the same bs from straigh doesn’t mean she can’t talk about her experience. And this is not the first time I say it but I think you really have a problem with trans people. I hope I’m wrong.

  4. These folks be doing the most. Never satisfied, always whining about something. However, I do agree that natural women can be hostile but that’s how real women act. Catty. People are so sensitive it’s a shame. It really is eyerolled how you give folks a little voice they try to give a speech. These trans females better start checking these hoes on the spot. All this talking about I feel threatened. Girl please. You better put the pedal to the metal.

    1. ^you made an excellent about along with another foxhole.
      vixens are naturally catty so is this where the fear is coming from?
      if so,
      did they not realize that’s how women are?

  5. I don’t know if you’re just a blogger or someone who attempts to somewhat adhere to journalistic standards, but your entire anti-trans attitude is sickening for a queer black man. Instead of being obtuse about things you don’t know about, how about you do more research? Or engage with individuals who identify as trans? Or maybe “interview” a transgendered individual instead of some dude who’s dick you want to suck. For you to act as though you know the experiences that she and other trans-women have went through and to belittle it is STUPID. There’s already to much hate against those deemed other for those in our own community to engage in it. Do better.

  6. She says a lot of…… interesting things.
    I think her message is getting muddled in the delivery.
    As a trans black woman, I can completely understand what she is trying to say. Cisgender women as a WHOLE are not our allies because of the inherent misogyny and the overall internalized sexism that exists with women. While some may appear to ‘tolerate’ trans women, many are actually extremely transphobic. It is actually the transphobia combined of men and women (i.e mothers who teach and convey messages to their sons that they can only love a certain type of woman) that leads to trans women being one or the most violently oppressed social groups.

  7. I agree. I’m all for the movement toward inclusivity in regards to our LGBTQ family… but sometimes the things she says seem to be far reaching. It’s almost as if she says things for the sake of stirring the pot. In our pursuit of equality, we don’t need make such wide generalizations that attack non-queer people. But I digress, go off sis.

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