transgenders shouldn’t feel safe around other… women?

she’s pretty,
but i think she might be a little stupid.
you come here for my honesty so…
^that is trans-vixen and l’oreal spokeswoman,
munroe bergdorf.
she claims that vixens assigned “female” at birth put the fear in her.
according to “the guardian“…
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The Facial That Made My Pimples Vanish

my face for the last two weeks was looking like:
i don’t know what happened,
but i had broken out real crazy.
i did everything i could think of to get rid of them,
but i had no luck at all on clearing up the disaster in my face.
the worst part is they were taking forever to clear up.
well i had this one facial in my stash i didn’t use yet.
i bought it like a month or two ago.
my face cleared up pretty quick.
3 days kind of quick…
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