King Agu Likes A Good Facial

so i still haven’t watched “invite only cabo”.
i have been lowkey checking out king agu tho.
i really like his energy.
he had a ig story that i watched earlier…

…and he was trying out one of the l’oreal clay masks.
i tried the black one that i wrote about ( x here ).
he was trying out the green one:
you would think someone like him has perfect skin

…to match that perfect bawdy,
but sometimes that isn’t always the case.
i want to see if it worked for king agu like it worked for me.
i’ll be staying tuned.
if you tried any of the l’oreal clay masks foxhole,
send me your results as well.

 lowkey: my skin has cleared up.
i have a 2 small pimples on my forehead,
but i can deal with those than the “wtf” a few weeks ago.

Author: jamari fox

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4 thoughts on “King Agu Likes A Good Facial”

  1. That show is an absolute waste off time….the mansion is beautiful-but the occupants ….a big, ‘chile- puh-leeze.
    Dam….I honestly believe me and you can do a show Jamari….lol!!! These folks out chure just fallin into opportunities to make money in some cheesy way. Dam….Dam….Dam. And Agu …I just wanna see him naked, the rest of the men in the cast…NO. Looks like everyone bottoms….so I can’t do shit with em.

  2. Silly show,gay man pretending to like girls and in the end he is with guy, the show is a reboot of something else I have seen on e tv, it also is shot in different camera like big brother without house. Boring just writing no hot men really showing body I watch the abby’s for that , good for all who watch.

  3. I have watched all four episodes I like the show.It may seem far fetched but I know several women who have fallen in love with guys who I and most people can see aren’t straight.I am sure there are gay guys in the foxhole who have women lusting after you and other people are saying “Are you f#cking kidding 😂 .Some people don’t have gaydar. Some are in denial just like there are women in love with con men, with cheaters, etc.(rose colored glasses)
    Many women in Larry Sims comments on IG are clueless.They are telling him Bianca is perfect for him, some of them ask him out.Almost all the people in his comments are black women.Only a few people have said he is gay and he does not delete the gay comments.

    I think deep down Bianca knows he isn’t straight but she still loves him and is attracted to him, physically and emotionally. As for Agu, I would assume he was straight if I hadn’t read the comments on here about his boyfriend when he lived in Atlanta. The other two guys Maluka and Jermaine are gay. Jermaine did an interview with the Chicago Defender where he talked about the show and the LGBT community.

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