Chidi Has Pointy Nipples

i always look at his pecs,
but chidi’s nipples are always on “it’s cold out”.
something i’ve noticed with him…

i hope he isn’t the type that likes his nipples twisted.

Does that drive anyone crazy like it does me?

i hate that shit.

i’ll slap you in the head type of “hate that shit”.
my nipples are definitely not my “spot”.
i would suck on his tho.
like i was hungry.
i can sexually contradict myself at times.
my wolf learn to live with it.

lowkey: i wonder how much work he puts in to have his pecs like that?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Chidi Has Pointy Nipples”

  1. I don’t think they’re “steroid nipples”, then again I may be biased because I love his nipples. They’re like two Hershey kisses on his pecs. I enjoy a fella who likes a lil’ nipple play. Especially during oral…

  2. What’s wrong with liking your nipples being twisted Jamari? I think that’s kinda hot lol! I have very sensitive nipples and love them, pinched, licked and sucked.
    I can get off on just that sometimes. I’d be like puddy lol. I love doing it to a guy, especially if they have nice set pecs and nipples, especially if he is into it. A guy with a chest like Chidi is my kryptonite.

    Another wolf with a great set of pecs is Arron Arogundade

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