5 Miles Into Happy

why must we do things we don’t like doing?
i had to ask myself that today on the way home.
why do we do that shit?
it’s a huge waste of time.
our parents were wrong in teaching us that.

“You gotta do things you don’t like in order to make it.”

do we,

we fuck folks we don’t like…
but we need to get a nut.

we live in forests we don’t like…
but it keeps a roof over our heads.

we befriend others we don’t like…
just so we can talk about all the dumb shit they do.

we stick at jobs we don’t like…
because it’s all about the money.

well i’m at my last fuck to give with that shit.
i left that job today…

i simply didn’t like it.
i told the head huntress that it wasn’t a good fit,
and like magic,
she found someone else.
the company already hired someone for that position.
i was there to fill the space between the 3 weeks.
either way,
i didn’t like what i was doing.
especially doing all that for a pay cut.

i want to keep on doing what makes me happy.
since it isn’t time to do fulltime career as of yet,
the place i have to spend 8 hours will be a breeze.
i’ve done too much things that i hated doing.
the key to living a happy life is to do the things that causes less resistance.
so if you’re waking up in the morning,
dreading the day before it even starts,
then that isn’t exactly fulfilling.
you could be spending that time doing shit you do like.
so instead of that,
we are putting up with:

stress from bullshit jobs
mileage on our foxtails
knife wounds from being back-stabbed

…and for what?
all because it will fill some imaginary quota for respect and money.
it’s like…

What happened to doing shit we actually want to do?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “5 Miles Into Happy

  1. We can do those things, however the key is to have a strategy to set ourselves up in a position to do those things. Alot of us dont have well thought out or written plans that strategizes our positions throughout our lifetime. We say we want to be right or successful, but do we know what exactly it looks from our view including some of the fine details.You say you want to do what you love, okay.

    So what exactly does that look like? Are you traveling and for how long? How are you funding your lifestyle? What specific amount are you earning? Are you paying rent or do you have a mortgage? How many cars if any, are in the garage? What does your social circle look like? Are you networking through annual seminars or rubbing elbows with local politicians? Is their a humanitarian goal that these relationships will help prosper?..ect

    It is not enough to say your want to do something. You have to visualize the details, write or draw out some form of a plan/strategy and work towards it. And if you feel like no progress is being made, ask yourself ” Am I utilizing all of the available resources I have at my disposal to the fullest or in a manner that will propel me to my goal”

  2. Having the freedom to do only what you like is an enormous luxury. Congratulations on achieving it! Make the most of it on behalf of those of us still toiling.

      1. If only it were that simple for all of us. From this site, I know that too much tragedy, too early, means that you only have yourself to support. Some of the rest of us have great reasons to do things we’d rather not do sleeping in the next room or trying to survive on social security elsewhere. Some of us choose to be the safety net for a lot of people. We are the source of emergency rent, bail, christmas for someone else’s kids, fixing a car that is someone’s only way to get to work. Moreover, there are those of us who enjoy our own lives because someone else chose to work at something they didnt love to make our lives possible.

  3. J you are so funny.. I had a feeling you weren’t going to put up with that gig. Hey if it’s not for you, it not for you. I agree you been through the trenches so why do it again with stress! Also, did you get contact with that curious wolf especially now your off leash? Now you got me thinking … if your marketing this site, and that video on instagram, why not make a shirt design a shirt and exploit it to certain venue’s like gay event’s ex. Sizzle, White party, etc? Imagine a shirt with fox and the words ” Fox Hole”. Hey I would wear it. very catchy too. Just some Ideas from a marketing point of view?

  4. If it ain’t working, it ain’t working. That’s too bad it wasn’t what you thought it would be. I hate when certain positions are advertised one way (even in the interview) and then you come to find out the job is completely different from what was described, or they completely embellished the position, and then you get stuck with a crappy job. Ugh. The worst. I guess it’s best to just leave instead of growing more grey hairs from it. I just hope it doesn’t negatively affect your unemployment.

    1. ^exactly!
      it wasn’t what i expected or was looking for.
      i felt more tired doing that than my last jobs.
      at least i had a clear cut understanding of my job duties.

      my unemployment should be fine since it was only a temporary position!

  5. Hey you tried and knew from the gate it wasn’t for you, better you keep it moving on to something else than stay thru hell just for money ( besides there was a pay cut, if i’ma slave it needs to be for full lol). You made a plan to find a light job that can have you focus on your true goals and you’re sticking to it.

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