don’t say you are child free and happy or you’ll be eaten alive like chelsea handler

i’m not the biggest chelsea handler fan but Jesus Christ.
there are some people who do not want kids.
its a personal choice because they don’t desire to be parents.
that is totally fine and a personal decision.
chelsea handler made this video:

why does this sound like the day as a gay male?
the angry white jackals decided to eat her alive tho

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you are a fox; be the fox

foxes move through the forests stealthy without disturbing the other animals.
we are known to be cunning and observant.
i can be very quiet about the things i don’t want to be shared with the world.
i can be in a whole relationship with another dude,
be around them in public settings,
and the public wouldn’t know unless they saw my texts.
this is why i can font that i move silently with a baller wolf.
as you know,
i shared that i’ve been working with a good friend on her web series.
since the foxhole is my people,
i wanted to share an exclusive that made it so real today…

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the foxhole got a shout out and tons of love today!

i’m always so grateful to those who show the foxhole love.
it means a lot and i radiate with all the positive energy.
i got a shout out today on a website called “men who brunch“,
which is wild because i was randomly thinking about brunch and mimosas today.

About Men Who Brunch

Living in a heteronormative society is not easy for a black gay man.  Gay men of color constantly face daily struggles and challenges such as dealing with homophobia, forming long lasting intimate relationships, and having limited inclusive spaces to freely express themselves.  And so, I created this platform as a means to highlight these issues and to bridge healthy relationships between black gay men.

My vision is to create an international network for black gay men that will allow for meaningful social connections.

well on their blog section of their website,
they wrote an entry called:


and this is what they had to say about the foxhole

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I Can(t) Change

i can’t change

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Black Panther Is Kind of A Big (Billion Dollar) Deal (A Slight Slay)

this is the best news ive heard thus far.
it doesn’t even have anything to do with me.
ya know,
i love to think about how folks counted lupita nyoung’o out.
they wondered what she would do after “12 years a slave”.
you already know i was a fan after her oscar win.
letitia wright,
the actress who played “shuri”,
suffered with depression and had to take a break from acting.

well they ended up being in the biggest superhero movie to date.
one that has already surpassed expectations.
a foxholer sent me the news on how much it’s made globally
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He Brought His Unexpected Package To Me

when i get down,
i need to really realize that i’m loved.
there are some pretty great folks in my life who care about me.
when you add on the foxhole,
it’s a serious blessing.
so one of my good home wolves said he had something to give me.
we haven’t seen each other in a minute so i said come through.
he said he would swing my job after work to bring it to me.

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