Black Panther Is Kind of A Big (Billion Dollar) Deal (A Slight Slay)

this is the best news ive heard thus far.
it doesn’t even have anything to do with me.
ya know,
i love to think about how folks counted lupita nyoung’o out.
they wondered what she would do after “12 years a slave”.
you already know i was a fan after her oscar win.
letitia wright,
the actress who played “shuri”,
suffered with depression and had to take a break from acting.

well they ended up being in the biggest superhero movie to date.
one that has already surpassed expectations.
a foxholer sent me the news on how much it’s made globally

Black Panther has proved more valuable than vibranium – officially joining the billion-dollar club on it’s fourth Friday of release worldwide.

According to Forbes, the critically-acclaimed Marvel Comics flick has amassed $530.8M domestic and $442M overseas in just 24 days.

This week, the record-breaking movie topped the box office for the fourth time in a row and earned the third-best fourth weekend gross ever.

At this rate, Black Panther is well on its way to being North America’s biggest comic book movie ever, and the biggest solo superhero flick ever worldwide.

this is such a blessing.
i knew it would have done it.
even though we don’t live in wakanda at the moment,
everyone is out in these forests filled with vibranium.
this movie has taken over pop culture with a vengeance.
i’ve seen folks greeting each other like:

i’m so glad all the actors/actresses are getting their praise.
i can’t wait to see what they all do next!
this let’s me know to keep on going,
even if i question what role i play in my own world.
they may ignore or count you out now,
and life may be at a standstill compared to others,
but you’re one blessing away from greatness.
always remember that foxhole.

lowkey: a ig foxholer  sent me a video of what asains thought of it…

i don’t really give a fuck what they think at this point.
the movie made a billion dollars so…


article cc: daily mail

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Black Panther Is Kind of A Big (Billion Dollar) Deal (A Slight Slay)”

  1. Did you also peep A Wrinkle In Time? It’s really my type of film being more fantasy. You might like it too. I’m super stocked for it and Jurassic World….but a wrinkle in time is something special if you catch my drift. It’s something similar to what I’ve been hoping for.

    Also, folks overseas love Black Americans but they probably don’t fancy expants very well at all. Once they catch your American accent it’s all good…but if not…🤔😐

      1. I’m down for melanin theme movies. We can use some more horror and scifi too. Throw in some of our Asian American Bros and sis too cause they are usually horribly typecasted as well in Hollywood.

        I’d like to see more black adventure movies too…I mean something on the scale of King Kong or something like even Jurassic Park with s Black or Asian lead characters.

  2. Literally JUST got out the theater!!! It was SOO good! & Yo, why is Micheal B. on my mind HEAVY rite now?! Everyone did amazing, but He did the DAMN thing, he was fly AF in the movie and the intensity when he spoke had me feelin some kinda way! 💦😍

  3. You should NEVER give a fuck about what Asians or ANY other race thinks of you. Ask yourself, do you think they care about how you view them? If the answer is no then you shouldn’t place their views on a pedestal either. These are damn human beings just like us, they’re not any better so we shouldn’t give two fucks. What exactly are they doing for us other than having unsolicited opinions? (Which everybody has by the way). NEXT.

    Like bitch you ain’t nobody!

    1. It was super Interesting what the Koreans on the street thought of the movie. One accurately pointed out that Koreans base their opinion of black people on the movies. So it was nice to see black people depicted in a positived light, that might change Koreans views of black people.

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