Black Panther Is Kind of A Big (Billion Dollar) Deal (A Slight Slay)

this is the best news ive heard thus far.
it doesn’t even have anything to do with me.
ya know,
i love to think about how folks counted lupita nyoung’o out.
they wondered what she would do after “12 years a slave”.
you already know i was a fan after her oscar win.
letitia wright,
the actress who played “shuri”,
suffered with depression and had to take a break from acting.

well they ended up being in the biggest superhero movie to date.
one that has already surpassed expectations.
a foxholer sent me the news on how much it’s made globally
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Training Camp Has Started!

^even tho it’s not “baller wolves”,
look at the tail on homeboy on the right…


it’s that time again.
where baller wolves far and near rejoin their teams to start camp.
this also means there will be special work out sessions going on for the kids (and groupies).
you get your favorites sweaty and in an open field.
this leads to GREAT F-BI work (as well as a nice DR).
take a look at which teams are meeting when…

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