a story of how i got “got” but God ended up getting me back (can he come through again?)

i use to own a little sports car many years ago.
it was an older model,
but you couldn’t tell me shit when i was in that.
this was way before i started writing on here.
i was living at my sister’s aunt’s crib and life was kinda peaceful.
something went down and i owed money on the car.
i ended up having to park it and get on that metrocard plan.
it stayed parked for a year or two without movement.
i would have to go shovel it out of snow every winter.
i didn’t.
one day i went out outside and saw a red letter stuck to the window…

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thank you for that blessing foxholer!

the universe is so funny with blessings.
i always have to say “thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!” out loud.
i was just saying to myself:

“I could do with an extra 200 right now.”

…and no sooner than i said that…
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Black Panther Is Kind of A Big (Billion Dollar) Deal (A Slight Slay)

this is the best news ive heard thus far.
it doesn’t even have anything to do with me.
ya know,
i love to think about how folks counted lupita nyoung’o out.
they wondered what she would do after “12 years a slave”.
you already know i was a fan after her oscar win.
letitia wright,
the actress who played “shuri”,
suffered with depression and had to take a break from acting.

well they ended up being in the biggest superhero movie to date.
one that has already surpassed expectations.
a foxholer sent me the news on how much it’s made globally
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When Giving A Blessing Gets You 22,000 Likes

i love when i hear about those doing nice things.
it makes me feel like there is still compassion left in the world.
well this cashier,
by the name of sharnique dasant,
at walmart did something nice for a customer.
  she paid the customer’s entire grocery bill with her credit card.
peep why it happened via yahoo news
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“Left” Made Me Cry Today

cry-emojii love when animals win.
i also love when the animals in my life win.
if anyone knows me,
they know i will show love to anyone who i feel deserves it.
i’m not like the rest who only take you seriously

after you made it
got connections

well my straight wolf best friend,
achieved something that made me cry…
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Tip of the Day: Pay It Forward

artworks-000031558403-yn3q7x-originalwhat would you do if you had all that money in that bag?
no seriously?
what would you do?
well i want you to imagine you had all that money right now.
i’m serious silly.
imagine what it would feel like if you had all those 100s at your disposal.
doesn’t it feel good?
do you feel like a weight is lifted off your shoulder?
what would you buy?
where would you go?
would you even be in your state right now?
well i want you to keep that feeling.
you never know when you will get blessed.
kinda like what “simple pickup” did for these folks in this video…
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