thank you for that blessing foxholer!

the universe is so funny with blessings.
i always have to say “thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!” out loud.
i was just saying to myself:

“I could do with an extra 200 right now.”

…and no sooner than i said that…

a foxholer randomly sent in a a donation of 100 dollars to me.

God only knows how much i needed that.
i’m forever grateful to the foxhole who sends me blessings.
your consistent support is more than enough as well.
i’m thinking of opening a cash app situation for donations.
it might be easier than paypal ——>
i’ll make an entry when i figure out logistics.
thank you again foxholer!

Author: jamari fox

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2 thoughts on “thank you for that blessing foxholer!”

  1. Please go ahead and open up that CASH APP it is easy and so convenient and we will all be able to send you a little something easier than PayPal. I dont even use my PayPal since I discovered this App. Dont be too proud to give it out, everybody online is now doing that especially on IG random people sending in small amounts can add up fast. Hopefully you will do this on your next entry LoL so you can get more blessings before the weekend is over.-LoL

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