it’s safe to say we’d all like to be coached by bryan

can we font about his chest real quick?
i can’t.
so i can admit i post a majority of “fantasies” that might be straight.
“might be” because the tea ya’ll send me…
i wanted to highlight someone who is confirmed “one of us”.
so i posted this pic a while back on the fohxole ig:

…and unlike some of the rest,
he responded nicely in my comments.
this is how you leave a lasting impression!
well his name is bryan and he’s a life and relationship coach.
can we get into the looks tho…

he is fine,
has bawdy,
and can dress

well there is a big “but” within the entry.
bryan is in a relationship with someone equally as fine:

…who he has no problem highlighting on his ig:

i can’t wait until i’m living my best life.
a wolf that isn’t a dumb ass as an an extra boost.
bryan represents the “high class” life we all want.

fly style
sexy wolf
invites to all the good events

i’m inspired.

pictures cc | follow bryan on his: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “it’s safe to say we’d all like to be coached by bryan”

  1. They too zesty for me, not wolf more like cat nip….I swear u can tell a gay man, that Feminine aspect is always there. An real open Gay Wolf is so rare…you are more likely to run into a DL who’s a wolf.

      1. I dont know but the probability is alot higher….I guess because they navigate both lifestyles. Being a man who expresses masculinity is preferred in everyday life, as opposed to men being feminine. I would prefer discreet to dl…I would also rather my guy be Bi oriented. Which makes him having those Alpha male like qualities more likely.

  2. I actually know them both as I am in the DC area. Coach is very very sweet and so his boyfriend. To be fair I don’t know what time of certification he got to be called a life coach but yeah…anyway he also hosts speed dating sessions. They pretty much are overpriced and consist of most of his friends who are all successful gay beautiful men who pretty much let you know from the Getgo that they have boyfriends and can careless about being there. Sorry I don’t mean to vent but my experience with his events has been extremely negative.

    The coach however is always always so sweet and really attentive. But yes he’s feminine and so his his boo. They never give me happy couple in public. Boyfriend is very quiet but nice. Coach is humble and they rarely interact. Maybe it’s some I’ll sit back and let bae do his thing type of thing but I’m always surprised when I see their Instagram pics. I’m like wait that was his boyfriend? Lol

    I think he understand his target audience. He knows that his appearance and personality is really what sells him and he sticks to that. One of my friends had a coaching session with him and gave me the rapport afterwards and then I asked him “Wait you paid this dude $300.00 just to finish your sentences so you can think someone agrees with you?” Lol

    Anyway DC consist of very successful gay black beautiful men and if you think the coach is impressive, last guy I dated was black gay professional and made a quarter million a year. All of his friends made about the same or more. It makes me so proud!!! So shout of to all the gay black men out there doing their thing! Yeah that means you too Jamari!!!!

  3. Sounds like I need to move to DC! I’m more into their style… I love a well dressed couple. But yeah, I’m trying to get myself together so I can attract the right energy into my life. It’s time for me to be booed up. I gotta learn how to navigate the gay waters too. I’m used to dl men which is cute and convenient but fleeting. It’s a shame that I feel anxiety and proceed with caution with my own kind. I gotta get past that.

    1. I’m looking for a guy who will invite me to family events as his boyfriend. The one who wants to ask your father for your hand in marriage even though he’s homophobic. One who would make the uncles and cousins respect him. He exists.

      And all of you ‘too fem’ people are going to get a rude awakening when he gets “comfortable”. Masculinity is an act.

  4. Sorry, but after browsing his Instagram I’ve got nothing but cunty stunt queen from this guy. The fashions and the unapologetic narcissism breeds nothing but superficially. Anyone who grew up around money knows there’s more to life thean than these superficial pursuits.

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