male model, hivo gonzalez, was in fear for his life (so he ended up allegedly killing someone?)

have we fonted about ^this one?
you might wanna keep your hard ons on low.
so ^that’s hivo gonzalez.
he is a model hyena from miami.
“hyena” because he’s headed to jail for his alleged crime.
a foxholer sent me the story via “the daily mail”

A ripped Miami model has been filmed clubbing a panhandler to death with a fish bat after refusing to give him money at a gas station. 

Hivo Gonzalez, 32, has been charged with second degree murder for attacking Pedro Cruz at a gas station in Miami in June. 

Cruz had asked the man for money and the pair began arguing when he refused. 

As Cruz stood to the side of his pick-up truck shouting at him and his friend, Gonzalez retrieved the small bat from the front seat and chased him with it. 

Gonzalez then sprinted back to his vehicle and drove away, towing a small boat behind him, leaving Cruz lying motionless on the ground.  

The male model was later charged. He claims he feared for his life and thought that Cruz would attack him if he did not move first.

this is the video:

he didn’t look like he was allegedly in fear for his life…

some of us need to all learn how to “woo -tf- sah”.
take a yoga class or maybe pottery.
i heard a quote the other day that i thought was very powerful:

“You don’t have to show up to every argument you’re invited to.”

you don’t need to show up to every fight either.
it’s okay.
your “i ain’t the one” checklist don’t need any more check marks.
in new yawk,
everyone is so aggressive and wants to start boxing over little shit.
two outcomes:

1) you hit someone the wrong way,
they end up dying,
and your tail is headed to jail

2) someone fights dirty and ends you

i think it’s best to walk away and live to see another day.
it’s a shame hivo will spend the rest of his days in jail.
i can imagine he’ll ponder how he could have handled this differently.

article cc: the daily mail

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “male model, hivo gonzalez, was in fear for his life (so he ended up allegedly killing someone?)”

  1. Ummm all he needed to do is get in his pick up , roll those windows all the way up and drive away… how hard was that? ……

    1. You are so right the other guy didn’t get close. How vcan you fear for your life when the guy us 6 feet away with nothing in his hand and look weak, compare to a model.

  2. So typical in these streets in Miami where everyone want to prove who they are. “Road rage” don’t even roll down your windows just drive away. Those panhandlers are annoying AF and theres street post for no panhandling. I got to be honest tho, it does make you think the what if, if you loss everything in life. I know one thing he’ll loss most of his typical privileges. I wonder how many years he’ll probably get 5, 7 year. I know hell regret and humble himself tho. Thank you for posting this store cause I had a road rage situation but I didn’t entertain it while the other party stayed mad in the rain wanting me to come out the car.

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